OMEGA X Fights Back Against Shocking Assault Claims — ‘We Have Asked…’

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In a press conference held on March 19, KST, Spire Entertainment, the former label of OMEGA X, unveiled a video purportedly showing member Hwichan engaging in inappropriate behavior with their former CEO, Kang Seong Hee.

The footage depicted a man, allegedly Hwichan, touching Kang’s breasts and forcefully interacting with her.

Following the release of this damning video, IPQ, the current agency of OMEGA X, initially issued a statement indicating internal deliberations on the matter. However, according to the latest report by Ten Asia, IPQ has now firmly denied the accusations leveled against Hwichan.

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Refutation and Allegations

IPQ categorically refuted the authenticity of the incriminating video, asserting that Hwichan’s actions were coerced by Kang, who allegedly demanded “affection” from the members.

CCTV Footage
CCTV Footage
(Photo : Youtube)

The agency further disclosed their request for Spire Entertainment to release the complete video footage, contending that Kang herself exhibited sexually inappropriate behavior towards OMEGA X members.

“We have asked Spire Entertainment to release the entire video… CEO Kang Seong Hee’s demands for affection towards the members were continuous. As revealed a year ago, along with verbal abuse, physical violence, and harassment, there were clear instances of sexual misconduct,” stated IPQ representatives.

Legal Defense

Emphasizing their commitment to contesting the allegations, IPQ revealed that their legal team is diligently compiling evidence to substantiate their claims. They highlighted transcripts of conversations purportedly showcasing Kang’s persistent demands for affection from the members.

“The statement in relevance does not simply come from the member[s] but we are preparing materials in order to support this. We have, of course, transcripts of conversations where she continuously requested shows of affection,” asserted IPQ.

Continued Legal Battle

This recent dispute adds another layer to the ongoing legal saga between OMEGA X and their former agency. Last year, members of OMEGA X took Spire Entertainment to court, seeking to terminate their exclusive contracts following revelations of abuse by the agency.