Omega X to Make a Statement Regarding Hwichan’s Sexual Assault Clip

 TW: Sexual Assault

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The CEO of Spire Ent., Hwang Seongwoo, has publicly released a clip of Omega X’s member, Hwichan, sexually assaulting Kang Sunghee, a former CEO of the company. The clip showed Hwichan forcibly removing Kang Sunghee’s top and pressing his body aggressively against hers. 

 On the 19th, Omega X stated, “We have seen the reports regarding the clips released by CEO Hwang Seongwoo. We will make a statement as soon as we confirm the details.”

Previously, Omega X filed a lawsuit against Spire Ent in 2022 to seek a temporary suspension of exclusive contract enforcement. The members have previously claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the former CEO, Kang Sunghee. 

-What the hell is this???

-..??? So it was the other way around? 

-What’s going on..?? Didn’t they accuse their CEO of sexually assaulting and humiliating them in public?

-Wait a sec… I need some time to process this…

-I thought the former CEO had already admitted to the accusation and was sent for prosecution…?

-We should wait for Omega X to release their statement first. This company had has issues more than once before. 

-We need to hear Omega X’s side of the story as well. The CEO doesn’t seem normal. 

-For now, let’s just wait. The audio of that clip hasn’t been released yet anyway. 

-What on earth is going on?? Wasn’t she the one who bullied the members? Now she’s claiming to be the one who was sexually assaulted? What’s going on…

-Why do unfortunate things always happen to this group?? Anyway, let’s just watch and wait for now…

-There’s no audio… I think we’ll have to wait for the member’s perspective before judging. 

-No audio??

-Honestly, I don’t think I might believe it if there’s no audio. Especially considering their track records. 

-Why are they removing the audio? What’s going on?