ONE OK ROCK Vocalist Taka Reveals Struggle With Panic Disorder: ‘I’ve Been Learning About It’

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ONE OK ROCK vocalist Taka has opened up to fans online.

Taka held a live broadcast on his official Instagram account and according to the session with fans, the vocalist discussed the theme song for the upcoming film “Kingdom: The Return of the Great General,” which will premiere on July 12.

During the Instagram live, Taka opened up to his viewers that he has been struggling with panic disorder for years. The singer then described the symptoms, such as palpitating, sweating, and being anxious.

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I don’t want to be rude or be misunderstood, but actually, I’ve been having panic attacks for quite a few years now,” Taka mentioned. “I have a medical condition such as my heart beating faster, sweating, and I can’t stay steady because I get anxious.

Taka then followed up that these symptoms had affected him during his travel back to Los Angeles in the middle of June. Afterwards, the vocalist also recounted an experience he had after a performance in Osaka, where he encountered the symptoms before boarding a bullet train.

I had to wait with my manager for around two hours on the platform until it subsided,” Taka shared.

The singer also revealed that he expressed his sincerest apologies to fans who approached him, and confessed that he felt guilty. “I thought it wouldn’t be good if I had been rude. I felt guilty since they came to see the show and were polite when they approached me.

Taka then shared that he has been learning more of the disorder and suggested fans not to worry too much about him. The vocalist stated that he just wants everyone to understand, followed by heartfelt words to those going through the same rough path. 

I’ve been learning about it on my own,” Taka shared. “I’m not saying this to worry people, but I just want you guys to understand.”

He added, “I’ll probably deal with this kind of disorder and I really don’t want you to worry. I’m sure there are lots of people who have these symptoms as well, so please be gentle.

If you can take it lightly, that’s all you need to do,” Taka shared.

In other news, ONE OK ROCK officially announced the upcoming single “Delusion: All,” which will be released on July 12.  

Here’s how fans reacted to the exciting news:

  • “I’m looking forward to the release! Thank you for singing the Kingdom theme song again.” 
  • “You always sing the official theme song of my fav movies. Thank you.”
  • “Omg, I’m tuning in for sure! I’m so excited!”

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