ONF ‘Bye My Monster’ full encore video on The Show today

ONF ‘Bye My Monster’ full encore video on The Show today

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This is the second time they have won 1st place since their debut

The full video

1. I like ONF’s song, I hope that they get better!

2. The song is so good, I keep listening to this song over and over again lately ㅠㅠ

3. I’m not lying, I listen to this song every day… Congratulations on winning 1st place!!

4. I’m sure they can shine because they have good voices and good skills

5. I like this song. I hope it will become more popular

6. I’m not a fan but why did I cry after watching the encore video?

7. I was in tears ㅜ The live performance was really great

8. I hope that talented idols will do even better. Congratulations to ONF~

9. Congratulations ㅠㅠ They performed live well even though they were crying

10. I will continue to support them because their skills are amazing ㅠㅠㅠ

11. The song is really good.. ONF will do even better

12. Congratulations, I’m not a fan but I liked it so much that I voted ㅜㅜ The encore stage was amazing

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