Ongoing discussion in online communities about New Jeans and ILLIT’s achievements


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Monthly listeners: 16.636 M

Monthly listeners: 16.606 M

Magnetic’s record

Yesterday’s ranking: 1st

First #1: April 8, 2024

Total number of #1: 19 times

Attention’s record

Yesterday’s ranking: 83rd

First #1: August 11, 2022

Total number of #1: 18 times

Entered Melon daily chart for 617 consecutive days

Girlgroup ILLIT’s debut song enters ‘Billboard Hot 100’ … First for K-pop

‘HYBE’s Maknae’ ILLIT, sets new record for girl group debut

With data on the above, contents claiming that ILLIT has surpassed New Jeans’ achievements within a week of their debut continuously surfacing

-It’s so annoying that even though I know they’re innocent, I’m starting to dislike that group.

-They’re really comparing it to the records of a song that was released two years ago; it’s amazing. Shouldn’t they be competing with the groups that debuted now?

-Most of the listeners seem to think that New Jeans released a new song.

-It’s a shame, I really liked ILLIT’s song…

-You can buy achievements with money, but you can’t buy the public’s opinion.

-I really hate it. If you’re going to compete, you should do it healthily instead of copying everything.

-Well, there’s also the possibility that they bought the numbers.

-You can’t buy the public’s opinion with money.

-Because of this, I removed their song from my playlist, it’s annoying.

-Even non-idol fans know that Attention was the song of the girl group that Min Heejin produced.

-I really hate HYBE

-What a nonsense. I don’t even know their song, and no one I know knows them. On the other side, even my 6 years old niece knows New Jeans.

-As a non-idol fan, I admit that New Jeans’ debut was really sensational. On the other hand, ILLIT was just famous for being similar to New Jeans.

-What a nonsense. Attention was a syndrome back thenㅋㅋㅋ

-If there was no Attention, there would be no Magneticㅋㅋㅋ