Only for Love: Episode 17 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love: Episode 17. Zheng Shuyi walks with Shi Yan in his office. She takes a look at him. He notes that she’s hungry. She denies and asks him to continue his work. But he points out that he’s hungry.

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Only for Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love: Episode 17.

Zheng Shuyi asks Shi Yan what they’re going to eat. He tells her that he will listen to her. She smiles. She takes him to the hotpot restaurant. He stops. She asks him what happened. He denies it. She takes him to get into the restaurant because she tells him that the restaurant is the best.

She asks him to have a seat. She wipes the bench for him. She orders the food she likes. She’s surprised that he likes the food. She asks the waitress for two aprons. She brings her secret recipe to Shi Yan. But he worries that the sauce cannot be eaten.

She persuades him to taste the sauce. Qin Shiyue calls Shi Yan. She’s scared to tell him that she doesn’t know what to do because she drove to hit someone. She reveals the guy didn’t allow her to call police. She tells him what happened.

The old man cries when he lies on the ground. He tells Qin Shiyue that his leg is broken. Shi Yan asks Qin Shiyue if the person bleeds. She denies it. The old man asks Qin Shiyue to care for him. He blames her for doing it to him.

Qin Shiyue cries to tell Shi Yan to come. She doesn’t know what to do because her parents aren’t in Jiang City. He tells her to go back to her car. Shi Yan tells Zheng Shuyi that he needs to leave because his niece summoned him. But she points out that he didn’t eat anything.

He tells her that he has to leave because his niece was tricked. She tells him to leave. She comforts him that she can finish the food. She cries. He decides not to leave because he doesn’t wish her to be alone. He texts Chen Sheng. He asks him to help Qin Shiyue.

Shen Yan praises Zheng Shuyi for her acting. He thinks her acting is better than the con artist. She coughs. The old man thinks Qin Shiyue is going to flee. He asks the people to stop her. She denies it and thinks she didn’t hit him.

She intends to call an ambulance for him. But he doesn’t want to go to hospital because he has no money. He asks her for some money. The guy thinks the old man tricked Qin Shiyue. Yu You passes by. He sees Qin Shiyue. The old man tells Qin Shiyue not to think about to leave if she doesn’t give the money to him.

But she rejects it. He threatens to let the police arrest her. But she thinks the police will arrest him. The guy persuades Qin Shiyue to give 1,000 yuan to the old man. But the old man wishes to get 2,000 yuan. Qin Shiyue remembers what Yu You told her that money cannot resolve all of the problems.

She tells the people that she won’t give any money to the old man. Because it wasn’t her duty. She mentions the money was earned by her family. She thinks she shouldn’t spend it. Yu You shows up. He thinks Qin Shiyue doesn’t have to give out money because she didn’t do anything wrong.

He tells the guy to give the money to the old man. The guy leaves because it’s not his business. Yu You reminds the old man that he will be arrested if the cop watches the car recorder. The old man tells Yu You that his leg is fine. He leaves.

Qin Shiyue thanks Yu You for helping her. He praises her for what she did. He leaves. She tells him that she wants to buy him meal. Chen Sheng shows up. Qin Shiyue is surprised to see him. Shi Yan returns home when he talks with Chen Sheng over the phone.

Qin Shiyue runs to Shi Yan. She asks him where he went. She blames him for not picking her up. He asks her if she resolved the problem. She admits it and reveals there was a good guy helping her. He tells her to thank the guy. He wonders why she went to Finance University.

She reveals it was just an ordinary friend. She smells him and she finds out that he went to eat hotpot. She wonders who was the person who made him eat hotpot except her mother. She thinks the woman was her little aunt. He touches her head and he goes to take a bath. She thinks something happened because he didn’t talk back.

Zheng Shuyi takes a bath. Bi Ruoshan calls Zheng Shuyi. She asks her to come out to sing. She reveals it’s Da Zhuang’s birthday. But Zheng Shuyi rejects it because she just returned home. Bi Ruoshan mistakes that Zheng Shuyi worked overtime.

Zheng Shuyi denies it. She reveals she just ate hotpot. Bi Ruoshan realizes that Zheng Shuyi ate with Shi Yan. Zheng Shuyi is happy to admit it. Bi Ruoshan hangs up. She’s surprised to see Guan Ji after she turned around. He asks her why she didn’t reply to him.

She thinks she didn’t see the message because there were many messages. He intends to tell something to her. But Da Zhuang tries to take Bi Ruoshan away. Guan Ji mentions what he told Bi Ruoshan that he wants to tell something to her.

Da Zhuang pushes Guan Ji away. Bi Ruoshan stops Da Zhuang. The girl shows up. She tells Guan Ji that the people are waiting for him. Bi Ruoshan leaves with Da Zhuang. Guan Ji is taken away by the girls. Qin Shiyue thinks Yu You could pretend not to see it if he was heartless.

She decides to buy him a meal. She texts him and tells him that she wishes to buy him a meal. He agrees to it. She’s excited. Zheng Shuyi arrives at the magazine. Qin Shiyue greets her. Zheng Shuyi is surprised that Qin Shiyue came so early.

Will Zheng Shuyi Go On A Blind Date?

Qin Shiyue confesses to Zheng Shuyi that she’s excited. She tells her about what happened. Zheng Shuyi blames Qin Shiyue’s little uncle for not helping Qin Shiyue. Qin Shiyue believes that her little uncle was tangled by a woman. Zheng Shuyi blames the little uncle more. Because she thinks Qin Shiyue is more important than anyone.

Qin Shiyue mentions what she told the old man that she won’t give any money to him if it’s not her duty. But Zheng Shuyi thinks the story is lack of a hero. Qin Shiyue agrees to what Zheng Shuyi said. She reveals the old man didn’t wish to leave even if she said so.

Qin Shiyue tells Zheng Shuyi that there was a guy helping her. Zheng Shuyi realizes that Qin Shiyue likes the guy. Qin Shiyue admits it. She thinks the guy has feelings for her as well. Zheng Shuyi tells Qin Shiyue not to delay the work even if she’s in love.

She thinks the little uncle did it too much. But Qin Shiyue blames the future little aunt. Zheng Shuyi coughs. Qin Shiyue tells Zheng Shuyi not to catch a cold. Kong Nan talks with her mother over the phone. She tells her that she cannot begin a love relationship because she just broke up with her boyfriend.

She thinks there will be another bad guy if she gives it a try. She claims that she has many outstanding men if she wants to date. She hangs up. Zheng Shuyi joins Kong Nan. She learns that Kong Nan’s family forced her to go on a blind date.

Kong Nan admits it. Zheng Shuyi thinks Kong Nan wants to make up with her ex-boyfriend since she refused to do it. Kong Nan denies it because her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. She complains to Zheng Shuyi that her mother wants to do something when she’s free.

Zheng Shuyi reveals her mother did the same thing. Qin Shiyue shows up. She wonders what Kong Nan and Zheng Shuyi are talking about. Kong Nan reveals they’re talking about blind date. Qin Shiyue is surprised that Zheng Shuyi is going to go on a blind date.

Episode 17 of Only for Love ends with Qin Shiyue asking Yu You to buy her a meal. But he tells her that he needs to go to the train station. She wonders when she will have the meal. Zheng Shuyi returns home with Bi Ruoshan. She mentions they haven’t eaten hotpot together for a long time.