Only Rosé renews with Blackpink, Lisa and Jisoo terminate contracts with YG and move to other agencies + Jennie “still discussing”

Article: [Exclusive] Blackpink and Rosé have signed a contract renewal! Jisoo and Lisa transferred after receiving an astronomical down payment… “Separate but together” activity prospects

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Source: Sports Chosun

Blackpink has been receiving a lot of attention over whether they’ll renew contracts.

According to multiple music industry officials on the 21st, Rosé is the only Blackpink member that has renewed her contract with YG Entertainment. Jisoo and Lisa have transferred to other agencies after receiving an astronomical down payment. 

According to reports, Jennie-Jisoo-Lisa are still in “last minute” discussions to determine whether they can still promote 6 months out of the year as part of Blackpink for a “separate but together” strategy.

This is similar to the contract method of Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Kyuhyun, who’s contracts with SM Entertainment previously expired. 

According to music industry insiders, foreign investors invested a large amount of money after appreciating Jisoo’s potential, who has already reached world star ranks and has endless potential as an actress and Lisa who enjoys immense popularity in the Southeast Asian market including her hometown in Thailand. It’s known that Lisa and Jisoo each signed a contract with a different company.