Other Agencies Not Overlapping Their Artists’ Images with Their Rookie Girl Group’s Image

 SM Ent

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Red Velvet






YG (Their groups have similar images here, but the timing is very different)



Baby Monster

-If they’re from the same company, this makes sense.

-From SNSD to aespa, each concept is like a gem.

-This is obvious… unless you want your own idols to compete against each other.

-It’s basic decency; it’s not even difficult.

-SM’s groups have distinct personalities.

-That’s right; it’s common sense.

-HYBE operates like the gaming industry, creating mass-produced idols to make money. That’s why they don’t see different groups having similar images as a problem. Maybe the executives, being from the gaming industry, didn’t understand the idol industry?

-SM’s groups each have distinct personalities.

-HYBE seems only focused on growing in size…

-This is the right way to do it… If you want similar concepts, either lengthen the intervals like YG or make sure the concepts don’t overlap if the intervals are short..

-That’s right. In the past, the groups from the big three agencies all had distinct and different personalities, but nowadays, it’s really like a factory.

-Yeah, if the intervals are short, the concepts should be different; otherwise, they’ll just be seen as mass-produced.