P NATION Reveals New Artist Teaser — And Fans Are Guessing It Could Be THESE Idols

Psy’s P NATION is set to welcome a new artist! Ahead of its official introduction, K-pop fans are already guessing who the mystery artist is based on a video teaser.  

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P NATION Releases New Artist Teaser Video — Who Could it Be?

P NATION welcomes a new artist!

On September 13, the entertainment label P NATION led by K-pop icon PSY released its new artist teaser clip on its official social media platforms including on X, formerly Twitter.

In the video, various top-tier artists and music experts revealed their impressions about the new artist by describing them.

P NATION Reveals New Artist Teaser — And Fans Are Guessing It Could Be THESE Idols

(Photo : 전자신문)
P NATION Reveals New Artist Teaser — And Fans Are Guessing It Could Be THESE Idols

Starting singer Sung Si Kyung, he described the new artist as a “hidden gem,” while Lyn, Stella Jang, Music Director Kang Seung Won, PSY Noh Young Sim and Sunwoojunga continued to stimulate curiosity by using the descriptions; “a real one,” “a cutie,” “a flame,” “not a gemstone but a diamond,” “ing,” and “vocalist in its purest form.”

Singer Lyn added, “no words can describe them,” while PSY also said, ” a natural-born musician,” then raising questions about the new artist that have not yet been released.

In particular, the video, which began with the news of “NEW ARTIST,” ended with the phrase “COMING UP NEXT,” further amplified expectations.

Here Are Artists K-pop Fans Think Would Be Joining P NATION Next: From SNSD Sunny to Chung Ha!

Earlier in June, P NATION announced an exclusive contract with singer Hwasa from the girl group MAMAMOO. Currently, she is actively promoting her newly released single, “I Love My Body” dropped on September 6th.

Hwasa & P Nation Logo

(Photo : Instagram|@pnation.official|@ _mariahwasa)
Hwasa & P Nation Logo

With this, the label is continuing its active move by announcing the recruitment of another artist in about three months.

When the video was uploaded, it immediately earned huge attention and has now over 1.2 million views on Twitter. Currently, the company is home to Crush, Heize, PENOMECO, Swings, TNX, and HWASA, drawing attention to who will be the star who will be added to the company’s impressive lineup of soloists.

Chung Ha

(Photo : MNH Entertainment)
Chung Ha

Among the comments, the name Chung Ha is mentioned the most. In March, the former I.O.I-turned-soloist left MNH Entertainment, which has been her home for about seven years since 2016.

 After six months, the female idol is yet to sign with her new nest, drawing attention if she’s actually P NATION’s new artist.

Along with her, Girls’ Generation Sunny is also one of the fans’ guesses. On August 8, Sunny officially left SM Entertainment after 16 years of being with the company.

SNSD Sunny's True Feelings About Having NO Solo Album Resurfaces After Leaving SM

(Photo : Sunny (Kpop Wiki))

With the mention of “hidden gem” and “vocalist in its purest form,” there are speculations it could be her, and fans are expecting that she will finally debut as a soloist, the only SNSD member who is yet to have a solo release.

Another guess from fans is Yves, a former LOONA member. After winning the case to leave BlockBerry Creative, the star announced in July that she is planning to go solo.


(Photo : Instagram: @loonatheworld)
LOONA Yves Facts

The three aforementioned artists were the ones being mentioned the most, but there are also sentiments that it could be former 2NE1 CL and Park Bom, former (G)I-DLE Soojin, and other female idols.

Meanwhile, these are only guesses and P NATION has yet to confirm the new artist, and whether it is a female or male star.