P1harmony Explosive ‘P1oneer’ Concert Delights Fans

For one electrifying night, the K-pop sensation, P1harmony, set the MediaCorp theatre stage ablaze with their world tour extravaganza, aptly titled “P1oneer.” It was a night filled with their infectious energy, where they boldly expressed their passion for exploration and pushing boundaries.

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On September 17, 2023, the fervent P1eces (the official fanbase of P1harmony) were practically buzzing with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the grand entrance of the six charismatic members. The spectacle commenced with dazzling lights, just enough to outline their silhouettes.

An air of palpable anticipation hung in the auditorium. And then, as if bursting from a musical cocoon, Theo’s voice rang out: “What’s up, Singapore?” The crowd of P1eces erupted in ecstatic screams and cheers, thrilled to witness their beloved idols in the flesh.

(Photo : FNC Entertainment and Live Nation Singapore)

The night kicked off with a thrilling sequence of hits: “Look at Me Now,” followed by “Back Down,” and then “Scared.” The members effortlessly showcased their powerhouse dance moves and mesmerizing vocals, sending waves of exhilaration through the audience.

In the midst of the show, during the talking segment, the members expressed their sheer delight at performing in Singapore for the very first time. They were also eager to show off some Singlish they had picked up, playfully throwing around phrases like “shiok” and “Lah.” Jiung, with his infectious charisma, introduced the next song, “Me Too,” by initiating a game where the members had to respond with the phrase “me too.” With their newfound Singlish vocabulary, they began exchanging phrases like “I love you lah!” and “Me too lah!” This playful banter left fans chuckling in delight.

The setlist was a high-octane rollercoaster of electrifying performances, including hits like “Black Hole,” “Siren,” and “Breakthrough,” each showcasing P1harmony’s signature style and flair. Every member had their moment to shine, whether in a solo performance or a dynamic unit act.

Charismatic Theo serenaded the crowd under a rainbow of lights with “21” by Dean, while Soul’s soothing and sweet voice melted hearts with “Hug Me” by Joonil Jung.

Keeho unleashed his mesmerizing vocals with Beyonce’s “Deja Vu,” and Jiung captivated the audience with his glittery Michael Jackson-inspired outfit while belting out “Love Never Felt So Good,” with Keeho and Soul joining in towards the end.

Finally, Intak and Jongseob set the stage ablaze in matching fur coats, delivering a fiery rap performance.

(Photo : FNC Entertainment and Live Nation Singapore)

After a few more electrifying songs, Jongseob decided to give the P1eces a dance lesson, teaching them the moves to “Gotta Get Back.” The group playfully proclaimed that Singapore was the best at dancing compared to other countries, which led them to perform “Gotta Get Back,” “Love Me for Me,” and “Doom Du Doom.”

The night reached its climax with their newest and most popular hits, “Jump” and “Do It Like This,” sending fans into an ecstatic frenzy, jumping along with their idols.

But the night was far from over. Fueled by the unwavering passion of the P1eces, who chanted “encore” with all their might, the boys returned to the stage for an encore performance of “Nemoade” and “Speaker.” Once again, they expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the energy and love they felt from their fans.

As the theater buzzed with excitement, many P1eces sat there, savoring every moment of the performance. Little did they expect that the members would venture into the audience.

As P1harmony walked among their fans, a sea of followers eagerly trailed them, hoping for a closer glimpse of their idols. P1harmony took to the stage one more time, singing their final songs, and bid a heartfelt goodbye to their devoted fans.

(Photo : FNC Entertainment and Live Nation Singapore)

P1harmony had unquestionably brought their fiery passion and boundless enthusiasm to Singapore. With their electrifying performances and engaging interactions, this unforgettable night will forever be etched in the hearts of P1eces.

Overall, the members’ infectious energy, unwavering charisma, and undeniable talent had the audience on their feet, dancing the night away. P1harmony made a promise to their fans: they’ll be back in Singapore, and they’ll need an even bigger venue to accommodate their growing legion of P1eces.

The future holds even more exciting encounters for this dynamic group and their adoring fans.

Writer: Madelene Yeo
Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment and Live Nation Singapore