Park Bo Gum Emotional After Jang Do Yeon Asked Him THIS Question — But the Actor’s Answer Touched Fans’ Hearts

Park Bo Gum
Park Bo Gum

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Park Bo Gum broke into tears during his interview with Jang Do Yeon in “Salon Drip 2.”

Amid the his comeback movie “Wonderland” promotions, the South Korean star graced the interview, which then took an unexpected and emotional turn after he was asked a hypothetical question.

One of the most anticipated movies in 2024, the romantic sci-fi film depicts the story of people who use a special mobile app called Wonderland.

Unlike any other service, it uses AI technology that allows subscribers to reconnect with their deceased loved ones through video calls.

Joining Park Bo Gum in the star-studded “Wonderland” cast are Bae Suzy, Gong Yoo, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and Tang Wei.

In the movie, the heartthrpb plays as Tae Joo, the boyfriend of Jung In (Suzy). Jung In uses the Wonderland app to communicate with Tae Joo, who is in a coma.

Park Bo Gum Breaks Into Tears in ‘Salon Drip 2’ Interview

During his interview with Jang Do Yeon, Park Bo Gum was asked about his thoughts regarding death.

“What do you want to say to the people who miss you if you’re no longer in this world?”

Park Bo Gum on Salon Drip 2
(Photo : TEO)
Park Bo Gum on Salon Drip 2
(Photo : TEO)

Park Bo Gum, who seemed emotional answering the question, responded by expressing his deep gratitude to the fans who showed him support throughout his career.

“Hm… I’d tell them, ‘Thank you! You’re doing great! ‘ And other encouraging words like that. I’d also like to thank them for having loved me.”

Noticing Park Bo Gum’s reaction, Jang Do Yeon apologized and said:

 “Oh, no! What have I done?! I’m sorry!”

She also added that the actor seemed “very expressive” and wondered why he got emotional.

At this point, the host continued to comfort Bogummy, but the actor remained emotional.

However, he continued to answer the question and admitted that he couldn’t express everything he felt.

“There are times… and to imagine an AI of me speaking to the ones I leave behind, I’d want it to tell them that I appreciated their love for me.”

Meanwhile, viewers felt Park Bo Gum’s emotions and lauded him for being genuinely kind and thoughtful to his fans and loved ones.

In addition, fans also mentioned the actor being unafraid to show his emotions and how soft-hearted he is.

Officially released on June 5, “Wonderland” is directed and penned by award winning Kim Tae Yong.

Watch the full interview below.

Bae Suzy, Park Bo Gum on ‘Wonderland’ Characters’

In a separate interview ahead of the “Wonderland” release, Park Bo Gum and Suzy discussed their working relationship on the set.

Bae Suzy, Park Bo Gum
(Photo : Park Bo Gum Instagram)
Suzy, Park Bo Gum
(Photo : Park Bo Gum Instagram)

According to the actress, Park Bo Gum is a “hard-working actor who thoroughly analyzes” his roles.

The same then went for Bogummy, who revealed that he “got a lot of help” from Suzy in portraying Tae Joo.

As the movie teases fans with still cuts and trailers, netizens can’t help but gush over their undeniable chemistry.

Other than “Wonderland,” they have worked together as hosts for the Baeksang Arts Awards with Shin Dong Yup multiple times.