Park Bo Gum Finally Speaks Out on Dating Rumors With Suzy: ‘We Became Even Closer’

ParkBoGum, Suzy
Park Bo Gum, Suzy

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In a candid interview this morning, popular actor Park Bo Gum shared his experiences working on the highly-anticipated movie “Wonderland,” where he stars alongside Suzy.

The duo’s on-screen chemistry has sparked both admiration and speculation ahead of the film’s release tomorrow.

Reflecting on their professional rapport, Park Bo Gum expressed deep satisfaction with their performances.

“We worked together and separately throughout. During video calls, it was just our voices, and when we were together, we acted like lovers who had been friends for many years, comfortably. I am happy and proud that our chemistry was well captured on screen and received warmly.”

The film holds special significance for Park Bo Gum as it was completed prior to his military enlistment.

“I’m thrilled. This is a project I shot before going to the military, and now it’s finally being shown.”

Addressing his dynamic with Suzy, Park Bo Gum added:

“Working with Suzy was fun throughout. It was comfortable yet new and natural. We wanted to show as much of our story as possible within the given screen time. Our appearance on screen is fresh and beautiful.” 

Fans have been so taken by the actors’ portrayal of a loving couple that rumors of a real-life romance surfaced quickly.

However, Park Bo Gum made sure to clarify their relationship status.

“The chemistry was deeper and different from when we hosted music programs together. We talked a lot, took many photos, and got closer. We were already friends, but we became even closer. We’re just close friends… These rumors make things awkward.”

Recalling the camaraderie on set, Park Bo Gum noted how everyone contributed to creating an enjoyable work environment.

“It felt like we were enjoying the set together. We had many conversations not only with Suzy but also with the director and other colleagues. We often said ‘Let’s meet again.’ We even joked about making a musical film together since we had a scene where we sang together.”

As audiences eagerly await “Wonderland,” anticipation builds around witnessing this celebrated cinematic pairing deliver what promises to be a compelling performance fostered through palpable mutual respect between two talented artists.

Check out “Wonderland” trailer below!