Park Bo-gum Invited SEVENTEEN’s Seung-kwan To “Wonderland” Premiere To Comfort His Longing For Moonbin

On the morning of June 4th, Park Bo-gum had an interview about his new movie “Wonderland” at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

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During the interview, Park Bo-gum said, “Thank you Seungkwan for joining the premiere. I believe that the review you wrote already explained everything about the movie”, adding “You wrote it so well and captured the meaningful of the movie so well that I think there’s no need for me to add anything more. I felt so grateful for that”.

park bo gum

The actor continued, “I hesitated at first, but I invited him to the premiere hoping that the movie would comfort him. I also wanted to give strength to people who are dealing with the sorrow of breakups and separations, and I guess I have successfully conveyed my heart.”

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Earlier on the 3rd, Seungkwan revealed that he went to the premiere of “Wonderland” at the invitation of actor Park Bo-gum. He posted a photo of him and his best friend, the late singer Moonbin, taken at the beach and left a message, saying “I hope a world like ‘Wonderland’ will exist in real life, and I have an expectation that such a world could be created someday”.

Meanwhile, “Wonderland” tells about people meeting their loved ones again through ‘Wonderland’, a video call service that restores dead people using AI technology. It will officially be released on June 5th.