Park Bo Gum, Kim So Hyun Confirmed as Lead Stars in ‘Good Boy’

The upcoming K-drama “Good Boy” delivered the exciting news that Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun are officially confirmed as lead stars.

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Following the announcement, fans can’t wait to see the dream pair headline the new mystery K-drama this 2024.

Park Bo Gum, Kim So Hyun Confirmed To Headline in ‘Good Boy’

Ringing 2024 with a good start, Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun confirmed their appearance in the forthcoming K-drama “Good Boy”!

Park Bo Gum
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Kim So Hyun
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It can be recalled that the duo received the casting offer in August 2023 and said that they were positively reviewing it.

With these two lead stars headlining the series, “Good Boy” will be under the direction of Shim Na Yeon, who is the genius behind hit K-dramas “The Good Bad Mother” and “Beyond Evil.”

In addition, she work alongside screenwriter Lee Dae II on “Bring It On, Ghost” and “Chief of Staff” seasons 1 and 2.

What to Expect in Park Bo Gum & Kim So Hyun’s Drama ‘Good Boy’

“Good Boy” is a mystery-action drama series that focuses on a unique group of individuals, known as the “Olympic Avengers.”

From being professional athletes, they become police officers to bring justice and cease violent crimes. Instead of gold medals, they wear police IDs around their necks as part of the Olympics’ special activity for the athletes.

Taking on the role of Olympic boxing gold medalist Yoon Dong Joo, Park Bo Gum transforms into a police officer from the special team. With his combat skills, he is determined to do his task as a rookie police officer.

As for the female lead, Kim So Hyun plays Ji Hanna. Like Dong Joo, she is also an Olympic gold medalist and is known as the “shooting goddess” due to her skill and beauty.

However, at the height of her career, she faces an incident that forces her to go on hiatus and pursue a new career – and that is joining the special team.

Ji Hanna may seem quite calm on the outside, but she is straightforward and does the job perfectly.

Following the announcement of lead stars, “Good Boy” is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2024.

As mentioned by the media outlet, the production team hints at what to expect in the upcoming series and the team-up between Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun.

Describing it as a “pleasant and refreshing” drama, the upcoming K-drama focuses on “the story of heroes who fight against injustice with their own stories is even better.”

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun worked together.

In 2015, they appeared as the hosts of the KBS Drama Awards, leaving the audience with memorable reenactments of their iconic characters.

Years later, fans will get to see the duo in one K-drama as they take on interesting roles.