Park Bo Gum Made THIS Female Celebrity Cry for Gifting Her BTS Signed Album

A TV personality and a fan revealed Park Bo Gum’s sweet gesture of gifting her a BTS signed album.

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Park Bo Gum and BTS V
(Photo : Park Bo Gum Instagram)

Park Bo Gum Gifts Park Seul Gi BTS Signed Album & Handwritten Letter

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” the celebrities who will appear in the show – Lee Hyo Jung, Jo Woo Jong, Park Seul Gi, and STAYC’s Si Eun – were revealed through a teaser.

Park Seul Gi, Park Bo Gum
(Photo : Wikitree)

In particular, Park Seul Gi shared a heartwarming story with Park Bo Gum. The public figure is currently pregnant with her second child and has been working without an agency since her work decreased after her second pregnancy.

When talking about her line of work, the celebrity mentioned her latest collaboration with Park Bo Gum.

Park Seul Gi's Signed BTS Album
(Photo : Sports Seoul )

Park Seul Gi is known for hosting various events in Korea, and most of them are fan meetings of various celebrities.

In August 2023, she was in charge of Park Bo Gum’s two-day fan meeting in Seoul.

It has been a long time since the two worked together. Despite only having a business-related relationship, Park Seul Gi was surprised by Park Bo Gum’s sweet gesture. The actor knew how big a fan Park Seul Gi is of BTS, and she admitted to crying when he gifted her a signed BTS album along with Park Bo Gum’s handwritten letter.

She was deeply touched by the heartthrob’s kindness. The celebrity also revealed that the album has Park Jimin’s signature.

Park Bo Gum Gears for K-Drama Comeback With IU & Kim So Hyun

Park Bo Gum is finally meeting the fans and viewers with another project.

He is set to headline the romance series “You Have Done Well,” also known as “When Life Gives You Tangerines.”

In this K-drama, Park Bo Gum plays the role of Gwan Sik, a quiet but reliable character who will fall in love with Ae Sun, a bold and rebellious woman, who likes poetry.

The actor will team up for the first time with singer-actress IU.

IU, Park Bo Gum
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Apart from this, the “Love in the Moonlight” star is also confirmed to join Kim So Hyun in the action-comedy drama “Good Boy.” It tells the journey of a group of gold medalists who faced financial struggles, and other challenges, becoming special police officers.

Soon they form the “Olympics Avengers” and use their acquired skills to fight violent crime.

“Good Boy” is slated to premiere in the second half of 2024.

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