Park Bo Gum Surprises Public With His Remarkable Fan Service: ‘I Hurried Over…’

Park Bo Gum surprised the public with his remarkable fan service in a recent radio show schedule.

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What did he do?

Park Bo Gum Makes Unexpected Visit During Live Radio Show

Park Bo Gum is preparing for the release of his movie “Wonderland,” along with Bae Suzy. Ahead of its debut, the actor and fellow cast members are busy promoting the film on various media platforms.

Park Bo Gum, Suzy
Park Bo Gum, Suzy

On May 27, the director of “Wonderland,” Kim Tae Yong, made his guest appearance on CBS Music FM’s Choi Kang Hee’s Movie Music. The host had a variety of conversations about the movie and its music with the mastermind behind the work for 50 minutes.

However, five minutes before the broadcast ended, a surprise celebrity made his appearance. It was none other than Park Bo Gum, one of the movie’s lead stars.

The actor entered the radio booth during a live broadcast, and Choi Kang Hee was surprised by his sudden visit. They warmly greeted each other and had a short and candid conversation, talking about the upcoming fantasy movie.

It had been said that originally, Park Bo Gum was just scheduled for a brief phone interview to discuss “Wonderland.” However, the actor decided to personally visit the studio after seeing the incorrect notification posted by CBS.

Park Bo Gum Praised for His Fan Service

The radio station mistakenly announced that Park Bo Gum and the movie’s director would be appearing live on the show.

Park Bo Gum
Park Bo Gum

Despite this confusion, Park Bo Gum gained attention for his remarkable fan service of making his way to the studio.

The “Record of Youth” star stated, “I saw the announcement that I was appearing, so I hurried over.”

Thrilled by his unexpected visit, fans expressed their excitement, comparing it to winning the lottery. The top star’s exceptional personal integrity once again earned a spotlight as he rectified a situation that was no fault of his own.

Park Bo Gum continues to be admired by many, not just for his talents and visuals, but also for his good personality, solidifying him as one of the entertainment industry’s most commendable stars.

Catch Park Bo Gum in his upcoming silver screen comeback in “Wonderland,” which is scheduled to hit the cinemas beginning June 5.

In addition, he is also preparing for his small screen return with IU in the romance drama “When Life Gives You Tangerines,” which is rumored to be released sometime in 2025.