Park Bo Gum, Suzy’s Couple Photos Leave Fans Exploding Online: ‘Their Chemistry is Insane’

Park Bo Gum and Bae Suzy left fans wanting more after the heartthrob shared his never-before-seen photos with the actress.

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The two celebrities are among the cast members of the star-studded movie “Wonderland,” along with Gong Yoo, Tang Wei, Choi Woo Shik, and Jung Yu Mi.

As part of their promotion for the upcoming film, Park Bo Gum and Suzy teased fans with their couple photos, elating fans.

Park Bo Gum, Suzy Couple Photos Have Fans Raving

On Park Bo Gum’s Instagram post, the actor shared a series of photos with his new co-star Bae Suzy, giving viewers a hint on what to expect in the upcoming movie.

“Wonderland is here,” the caption reads.

A post shared by instagram

The post instantly garnered attention, with netizens pointing out how the photos give off “real couple vibes.”

As seen on the update, Park Bo Gum and Suzy indeed exuded unmatched chemistry.

Park Bo Gum and Bae Suzy Wonderland
(Photo : Park Bo Gum Instagram)

In the comments’ section, fans mentioned that they wouldn’t question if the two actors are dating because of their visual and overall synergy.

Some also left comments, writing “best friend or boyfriend,” due to their closeness seen in the photos.

‘Wonderland’ Release Date, Cast

As mentioned, Suzy and Park Bo Gum are slated to headline the forthcoming sci-fi movie “Wonderland.”

Helmed and written by Kim Tae Yong (“Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori,” “Where Mermaids Go”), “Wonderland” is a romantic/sci-fi film that depicts the journey of people who are availing of the Wonderland service.

It is a special kind of technology service that connects users to their deceased loved ones through video calls and with the help of artificial intelligence.

“Wonderland” movie

In the soon-to-be released movie, Bae Suzy plays as Jung In. She reconstructs her boyfriend, Tae Joo (Park Bo Gum), who becomes unresponsive after getting caught up in an unfortunate accident. She uses the technology to communicate with him despite being unconscious.

In a previous report, the actress described Park Bo Gum as a “hard-working actor.”

According to Bae Suzy, he “thoroughly analyzes his dual roles and delicately portrays them.”

Apart from this, she also revealed that they “shared lots of conversations and concerns together” during the script reading so they “could participate in filming with joy.”

As for the South Korean heartthrob, he mentioned that he received “a lot of help” from Suzy in terms of portraying the role of Tae Joo.

“Wonderland” is set to hit the big screen on June 5, 2024.

See the “Wonderland” trailer below!

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum and Bae Suzy have previously worked together as hosts for several consecutive years at the Baeksang Arts Awards.