Park Bo Young Reveals ‘Risky’ Technique She Did to Score VIP Tickets at Lim Young Woong’s Concert

Park Bo Young shared how she managed to score VIP tickets for the highly-anticipated concert of Lim Young Woong. 

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During her live on Weverse, the South Korean actress shared her experience as she tries to secure passes for the upcoming concert. 

Park Bo Young Shares Her Technique to Score VIP Tickets at Lim Young Woong’s Concert 

A number of visitors surged when the site for Lim Young Woong’s concert tickets exactly opened at 8 p.m. KST on April 10. 

Park Bo Young
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(Photo : Park Bo Young Instagram)

According to a report, Park Bo Young, who was also filming for the upcoming K-drama “Melo Movie,” thought she wouldn’t be able to purchase tickets for her parents. 

According to her, the queuing period was so long that she ended up getting 300,000 or more. 

“I was number 334,222. I waited until it got to around 100,000. But after that, I was like, ‘It’s not my lucky day. Sorry, mom’.”

However, her determination to secure it was so high that she tried a “tricky” technique. 

At first, she was hesitant to reveal her “tip” and joked that she might have a hard time executing her technique since her viewers would be doing the same trick and would now be her “competitors.”

However, Park Bo Young was kind enough to share what she did to purchase tickets among thousands of hopeful fans. 

“Well, but it might not work for everyone. It’s pretty risky. What I did, you see, was I clicked ‘go back’. I had pretty much given up. I didn’t think it would take me back to the first ticketing page, but it did. So then I clicked ‘get tickets’ again. When I clicked it again, it took me straight to the seating map. My hands started shaking then.” 

To recall, the actress happily shared on her Instagram stories that she had successfully reserved tickets for the upcoming concert. 

Along with a screenshot, she captioned her photo:

“How in the world did this happen?”

Several fans were happy for Park Bo Young since there were around 500,000 people who also attempted to avail passes, but tickets quickly sold out within minutes. 

Park Bo Young Stars in 2 Upcoming K-Dramas

Concrete Utopia
Park Bo Young
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

As mentioned by the actress, she is currently gearing up for her K-drama comeback, “Melo Movie.”

Park Bo Young will transform into assistant director Kim Moo Bi, who dreams of following her father’s footsteps and working in the film industry. 

There she crosses paths with Ko Gyeom, played by Choi Woo Shik. He works as a supporting actor but wants to be a film critic someday.

Because of their same passion and love for film, their relationship blossoms, and they eventually start their own love story.

“Melo Movie” is scheduled to join upcoming K-dramas in 2024 and will air exclusively on Netflix. 

In addition to this, she will also headline the webtoon-based thriller K-drama “Light Shop.” Park Bo Young will be teaming up with Ju Ji Hoon, Lee Jung Eun, and more. 

Slated to release in 2024, “Light Shop ” will premiere on Disney+.