Park Bo Young Thrilled After Scoring Tickets Despite High Competition At Lim Young Woong’s Concert

Park Bo Young couldn’t contain her excitement after scoring tickets to Lim Young Woong’s concert. 

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The South Korean star is among thousands of hopefuls to get tickets to the upcoming “IM HERO: THE STADIUM” concert, which will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on May 25-26. 

As the ticket sales officially opened on April 10 at exactly 8 p.m., over 300,000 individuals were trying to connect simultaneously. The agency is also monitoring any illegal transactions in connection with the ticket purchase. 

Interestingly, Park Bo Young is among the lucky ones to score tickets for Lim Young Woong’s concert. 

Park Bo Young Gifts Parents Tickets to Lim Young Woong’s Concert

In Park Bo Young’s Instagram Story, the actress proved her skills by securing passes for the upcoming event. 

Park Bo Young
(Photo : Park Bo Young Instagram)

With lady luck on her side, the “Daily Dose of Sunshine” was ecstatic after she successfully bought tickets for her parents. 

“Oh my god, this is happening,” she wrote, along with a screenshot of her reserved tickets for Lim Young Woong’s concert. 

Park Bo Young
(Photo : park Bo Young Instagram Story)

It seemed like the actress purchased the ticket for her parents as “Daddy and Mom.”

With this, fans envied Park Bo Young for securing passes for the concert.

Interestingly, others praised the actress for being a dutiful daughter to her parents by giving them concert tickets. 

Park Bo Young Dramas 2024: Actress Book For 2 Series This Year So Far

After returning to the small screen with “Daily Dose of Sunshine” in 2023, Park Bo Young is back with two upcoming K-dramas. 

Park Bo Young
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(Photo : Park Bo Young Instagram)

She recently wrapped up the filming of the webtoon-based series “Light Shop,” where she stars alongside Ju Ji Hoon, veteran actress Lee Jung Eun, and more. 

The upcoming K-drama is a thriller mystery series that depicts the story of how the living and the dead intersect through a mysterious shop that sells lamps.

Kim Hee Won, who starred as Choi Il Hwan in “Moving,” will be directing the upcoming series. 

As mentioned, “Light Shop” boasts a star-studded cast that includes Park Bo Young, Ju Ji Hoon, Bae Sung Woo, Uhm Tae Goo, Lee Jung Eun, Seolhyun, Kim Min Ha, Park Hyuk Kwon, Kim Dae Myung, Shin Eun Soo, Kim Sun Hwa, and Kim Ki Hae. 

Slated to release under Disney+, the upcoming K-drama is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2024. 

Adding to the list of Park Bo Young’s new dramas is “Melo Movie.” Here, she will be teaming up with Choi Woo Shik, Lee Jun Young, Jeon So Nee, and Kim Jae Wook. 

The rom-com series is penned by “Our Beloved Summer” writer Lee Na Eun and directed by Oh Choong Hwan of “Start-Up” and “Castaway Diva.”