Park Bo Young’s Stunning Debut in Recent Ads Leaves Fans Wondering — ‘What About Lee Na Young…’

The unveiling of Park Bo Young as the new face of ‘Maxim Mocha Gold’ in their latest commercial has stirred a whirlwind of speculation among fans and netizens.

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While Park Bo Young’s vibrant presence in the advertisement has garnered praise, it has also ignited questions regarding the status of the brand’s longstanding ambassador, Lee Na Young.

Park Bo Young’s Debut: A Sweet Success

In the spring 2024 campaign for ‘Maxim Mocha Gold’, Park Bo Young shines with her trademark charm, enticing viewers with the allure of the beloved instant coffee brand.

Park Bo Young
(Photo : Instagram|@)

Her endearing persona has resonated with audiences, sparking anticipation for her future endeavors with the product.

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Netizens Voice Concerns

However, amidst the excitement surrounding Park Bo Young’s debut, a wave of concern has emerged regarding the fate of Lee Na Young, who has been synonymous with ‘Maxim Mocha Gold’ for over two decades. 

Park Bo Young
(Photo : Instagram|@boyoung0212_official)

Lee Na Young
(Photo : Youtube)


Here’s what fans are saying:

I don’t want to throw away the old name ‘Lee Na Young Coffee’ 

I love Park Bo Young but what about Lee Na Young? I love both 

Did Lee Na Young’s contract end 

Lee Na Young Coffee’, but ‘Park Bo Young Coffee’ 

On various online platforms, netizens have expressed mixed emotions, with some expressing loyalty to both actresses while others question Lee Na Young’s continued association with the brand.

Industry Insights: Contracts, Brand Strategies, and Celebrity Endorsements 

While the buzz surrounding Park Bo Young’s entrance into the ‘Maxim Mocha Gold’ family is undeniable, it’s essential to approach speculation regarding Lee Na Young’s departure with caution.

As of now, there has been no official statement from either the actress or the brand regarding any changes in ambassadorship.

Until concrete information is provided, fans are encouraged to enjoy both actresses’ contributions to the world of entertainment and advertising.