Park Ji Eun’s ‘Worst Work’? ‘Queen of Tears’ Lambasted for Its ‘Stuffy’ & ‘Boring’ Plot

“Queen of Tears” is receiving negative comments for its “boring” plot. Some even marked it as the writer’s worst work!

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‘Queen of Tears’ Garners Backlash For ‘Boring’ Development

While fans are already looking forward to the upcoming “Queen of Tears” finale, some viewers criticized the drama for its “stuffy” and “boring” plot.

Queen of Tears
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On April 22, viewers expressed their sentiments over the drama’s recent episodes. They claimed that Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s series, while it started with an enticing storyline and interesting developments, it began to be dragging and hype fizzling. Others said that it started to have too many plot holes.

Someone wrote that with every new episode, the romance drama just gets more like a typical Makjang series.

“The actors are dragging this series by the collar through their sheer acting talents alone. Isn’t it about time that K-drama writes something better than the same and boring plot?”

Queen of Tears
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Viewers Express Disappointment With ‘Queen of Tears’ Ahead of Finale

Meanwhile, one suggested that the drama should have just cut the episodes shorter.

Comments also keeps coming, and it seems like they are blaming the scriptwriter, Park Ji Eun, for the unreasonable developments of the drama.

Queen of Tears
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

  • “I am a fan of the scriptwriter, so I checked it out, and ‘Queen of Tears’ is her worst work yet. Thank goodness for the top-quality acting by the cast members because it’s unbearable otherwise. The plotline makes absolutely no sense.”
  • “Dramas always do this. They extend the episodes because viewers seem to be hyping it up and then they run out of things to write about and get stuck in a frustrating spot like this.”

According to one online user, “It is a bit of a stuffy progression. A lawyer is being arrested for suspicion of murder, it’s weird that he’d just take it quietly.”

Someone added that the plot has too many holes and many important aspects are being skipped. They said that the drama wasted two episodes, wherein the main characters kept arguing over a treatment that the female protagonist, Hong Hae In, would otherwise die without.

They even questioned some details in the drama, “How’s brain surgery possible without shaving the head?”

  • “So tired of the same old amnesia plots. It’s almost like the scriptwriter got amnesia over her own script.”
  • “It’s only worth watching for the cast.”
  • “How is it already stuffy before episode 14?”

Meanwhile, “Queen of Tears” is scheduled to conclude this April 28, to be followed by two special episodes broadcast on May 4 and 5.