Park Ji Hoon, Ryeoun, More Confirmed To Headline ‘Weak Hero Class 2’

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Get ready for the second part of “Weak Hero” as Netflix introduces the cast lineup with Park Ji Hoon, Ryeoun, Yoo Soo Bin and more.

For the second time around, the series is expected to dominate prime time with its unique and never-done-before narrative. Catch the details by reading more.

Netflix Confirms Final Cast Lineup For ‘Weak Hero Class 2’

The wait is over as “Weak Hero Class 2” finally announces its complete cast lineup!

After Wavve transferred the work to Netflix, excitement skyrocketed through the roof. Many also looked back at how the first season dominated Hallyu by binge-watching all 8 episodes.

'Weak Hero Class 1' Poster

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)

On December 4, Netflix finally announced the production of “Weak Hero Class 2” with the star-studded cast including Park Ji Hoon, Ryeoun, Choi Min Young, Yoo Soo Bin, Bae Na Ra, Lee Jae Min and Lee Jun Young.

The first season established Park Ji Hoon’s Yeon Si Eun’s life as an outcast who overthrows bullies inside and outside of school by using his brain to win battles through strategies.

'Weak Hero Class 1' Stills

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)
‘Weak Hero 2’ To Hit Netflix? Here’s What We Know So Far

'Weak Hero Class 1' Stills

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)
‘Weak Hero 2’ To Hit Netflix? Here’s What We Know So Far

“Weak Hero Class 2” continues Yeon Si Eun’s story as he transfers to Eunjang High School with the trauma of being unable to protect his best friend. In his new world, he matures as he struggles to fend for himself.

On the other hand, the new photos shared by Netflix highlight the new cast members who will join Yeon Si Eun. Ryeoun of “Twinkling Watermelon” will play Park Hoo Min while Choi Min Young of “XO, Kitty” plays Seo Joon Tae.

'Weak Hero Class 2' Cast

(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

Lee Min Jae will portray Go Hyun Tak while Yoo Soo Bin returns as Choi Hyo Man, Yeon Si Eun’s opponent. Bae Na Ra and Lee Jun Young play Na Baek Jin and Geum Sung Jae, respectively.

The new addition to the roster is expected to create a fun and exhilarating atmosphere as Yeon Si Eun finds new friends that he must protect from the bad guys.

Park Ji Hoon On Reprising Yeon Si Eun Role

In 2022, Park Ji Hoon completely changed his soft image into a dark, angsty teen as he transformed into Yeon Si Eun.

Thanks to his flawless performance, he was named as Best New Actor at the 2023 Blue Dragon Series Awards and 2023 Korea Drama Awards.

Park Ji Hoon

(Photo : Xportsnews )

“My heart is pounding already. The series is an important project to me as a rookie actor,” Park Ji Hoon shared his honest feelings. “I will work hard to show a different side of me and how I’ve matured in the upcoming season.”

“Weak Hero Class 2” is expected to be released some time next year so stay tuned for more details.