Park Jin Young makes an important announcement that they have given up on NMIXX’s Bae

Park Jin Young makes an important announcement “temporarily gives up on NMIXX Bae” JYP’s official decision

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In the video released on March 5, Park Jin Young said, “As of today, JYP is officially giving up on NMIXX’s Bae. I hope you can show off your talent. Bae, since it’s come to this, do whatever you want to do. But Bae when you actually do it, it won’t be like what you think.”

JYP starts a new web entertainment show ‘The second life experience of someone who gave up on work’.

1. I was shocked when I saw the title

2. I was so shocked.. damn

3. Fans must be so surprised, one member left the group so this is a bit too much

4. I thought she left the group for no reason

5. I was really surprised. JYP has done this more than once or twice

6. I was also surprised when I saw it on YouTube and clicked on it

7. Wow, this is a group where a member suddenly left so I was very surprised

8. I was a bit surprised but also looking forward to it, I think Bae will do well

9. Bae, do whatever you want

10. I was so surprised.. Bae is so funny, I think she has entertainment talent

11. It’s not even funny.. Is it noise marketing?

12. Wow, her voice is so similar to Suzy

13. How many idols have left JYP for no reason??

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