Park Min Young Bounces Back From Controversy With K-drama Comeback ‘Marry My Husband’

Park Min Young makes a bold comeback after “Marry My Husband” continues its success in the rating race.

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Park Min Young’s Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ Continues to Set New Personal Best

While the past years were challenging for the Hallyu star, she returns with a bang, showcasing a remarkable character in the newest revenge series.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Marry My Husband” episode 4 scored an impressive increase after hitting an average nationwide viewership rating of 7.6 percent.

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband poster

This is a major increase from the show’s pilot episode after garnering 5.2 percent nationwide viewership on its first broadcast.

With only two weeks since “Marry My Husband” was released, the tvN webtoon-based series continues to hit new personal bests in viewership.

Not only that, viewers also expressed their satisfaction watching the series and were entertained with the story as well as the drama’s characters.

Park Min Young Bounces Back: From Controversy to Topping the Chart

From the last quarter of 2022 to the middle of 2023, headlines featured Park Min Young and her connection to her former boyfriend’s case.

Park Min Young
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)
Park Min Young
(Photo : Dispatch Korea)

At the time, her love life was brought out to the public after Park Min Young’s boyfriend, who was described as a “reclusive, wreathy man,” was linked to fraudulent activities.

The said businessman had connections to various companies like Inbiogen, Vidente, Bucket Studio, and Bithumb Live.

Due to the investigation involving the entrepreneur, there were suspicions that the actress received monetary benefits from her boyfriend.

However, her agency, Hook Entertainment, clarified that the Hallyu star had broken up with the individual even before the dating rumors sparked.

In addition, the agency shut down rumors that Park Min Young had accepted significant monetary benefits.

As for the investigation, Hook Entertainment shared that she has “dutifully completed the prosecution summons for investigation as a simple witness.”

Meanwhile, Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend faced charges related to embezzlement, along with his sister, who was the head of the kiosk supplier, Inbiogen.

A year after the controversy, the actress briefly spoke about the struggles that she went through amid the investigation.

During the “Marry My Husband” press conference, Park Min Young revealed that it was the time when her “body and mental health suffered.”

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

She then continued and said that she “lived each day with regret.”

The actress also shared a brief detail about her psychiatrist. As for the actress, she utilized this to realize her true love, which is her passion for acting.

“When I had a brain wave test at the psychiatrist, it showed danger signals due to guilt. Those times actually gave me the realization of what my true profession is, when I am happy, and that I shine the most when I’m just acting on set like before.”

“Marryt, My Husband” is Park Min Young’s first drama since the news about the CEO broke.

In addition, the TVN series is also her first time to headline a revenge K-drama.