Park Min-young Canceled Wedding and Slam-dunked Lee Yi-kyung in “Marry My Husband”

On January 29, episode 9 of the hit K-drama “Marry My Husband” was aired, covering the “showdown” between female lead Ji-won (played by Park Min-young) and the family of her cheating boyfriend Min-hwan (played by Lee Yi-kyung). 

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Here, Ji-won not only satisfied the audience with her “cool girl” outfit but also shocked and embarrassed Min-hwan’s mother.

park min young

In her previous life, Ji-won was constantly bullied by her mother-in-law from their first meeting, so this time she decided to give her “mother-in-law” a piece of her mind. In particular, the once-meek Ji-won showed up at their meeting “fashionably late” in an off-shoulder top, fishnet stockings, and bold makeup, at the same time delivering statements that leave everyone speechless.

Particularly, Ji-won openly corrected and challenged her future mother-in-law at the dining table, making the latter feel ashamed. Later, when Min-hwan’s mother mentioned Ji-won’s father, she immediately changes her way of addressing from “mom” to “old woman,” once again shocking the entire “in-law” family. Finally, she declared that Min-hwan is not good enough, and she is the one canceling the marriage.

Ji-won openly challenged her future mother-in-law and declared the cancellation of the wedding on the spot
park min young
She also emphasized that she’s the one calling off the marriage

After the shocking cancellation, Ji-won applied the judo techniques that the male lead, Ji-hyuk, taught her to single-handedly “slam-dunk” Min-hwan. She toppled her cheating boyfriend over in front of his parents, leaving everyone around stunned. The conclusion of this surprising action is Ji-won’s triumphant smile, leaving viewers extremely delighted and excited.

Source: tvN, K14