Park Min Young Influenced by Her ‘Marry My Husband’ Character to Do THIS Heartwarming Deed

Park Min Young returned with, not just the hit K-drama “Marry My Husband.” The actress takes inspiration from her character Kang Ji Won to do this heartwarming deed.

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Park Min Young Donated 75,043 USD to the Cancer Center in Seoul

In her comeback, the Hallyu queen plays a terminally-ill patient diagnosed with stomach cancer, but was able to get back to life after a shocking incident. 

As the tvN drama nears its finale, Park Min Young garners attention for making this gesture to the public.

Taking inspiration from her character Kang Ji Won, the actress has donated 100 million won, or about 75,000 USD, to the Cancer Center at Asan Medical Center in Seoul.

According to a news outlet, the institute announced that Park Min Young donated the huge amount to the hospital’s cancer center. The official also mentioned that the donation will be used for the treatment of patients who are battling with.

As mentioned, the heartwarming gesture was heavily influenced by her character in “Marry My Husband.” In the webtoon-based K-drama, Kang Ji Won experiences a bug slump in her life after marriage. Apart from her diagnosis, she is also getting weaker because of the treatments and procedures.

Park Min Young
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)
Park Min Young
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

Not only that, she witnesses how her husband, Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), cheats on her with her best friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon).

However, Kang Ji Won’s life changes after a surprising incident. She is given a second shot at life and is able to turn back time to 10 years ago.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

At this point, she has the ability to correct her mistakes with the help of Yoo Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo).

Interestingly, Park Min Young’s new drama shows no signs of slowing as the revenge series continues to receive positive feedback from viewers, as well as soaring viewership ratings.

Meanwhile, the actress continues to give back to various organizations.

Apart from her donation to the cancer patients, Park Min Young showed her support for the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association.

Park Min Young
(Photo : Wikitree)

At the time when the forest fire hit Uljin, Gyeongbuk, and Samcheok, Gangwon, the 37-year-old star was among the celebrities who donated millions of wons to help the locals who were affected by the incident.

In addition, with Park Min Young being an animal lover, she donated 5,017,500 won, or around 4,451 USD, to the animal protection group KARA.

This was from the proceeds of her activity during a fan meeting in Taiwan.