Park Min Young loses weight for her new drama character

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Article: Park Min Young drops to 37 kg for new role as a cancer patient… “Everyone is surprised”

Source: Starin via Nate

[+100, -4] After spending all that money her ex-boyfriend scammed people out of ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+70, -1] Sounds like she’s trying to venture out of her usual pretty girl roles to recover her image, but that turns me off from her even more

[+50, -1] It’s amazing how her nose has held up

[+15, -23] She’s sure working hard to recover the image she’s lost due to her ex-boyfriend~~ dropping to 37 kg is a lot of work, at least give her props for that~~~

[+13, -0] All I see is her nose

[+2, -0] Who would even watch this ㅋ

[+2, -5] She really does look like her webtoon character, though ㅋ the webtoon’s pretty makjang but it’s good

[+1, -0] She’d rather die than give up her circle lens

[+0, -6] Isn’t she a good actress, though…? What does her plastic surgery have anything to do with that

[+0, -0] Things like weight loss can’t be done through CG these days yet?