Park Min Young’s Released Statement to Dispatch’s Report Receives Backlash

Park Min Young is receiving hate following the statement released regarding the financial support she received from her former boyfriend. 

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Park Min Young’s Agency Breaks Silence About Actress’ Involvement in Kang Jong Hyun Illegal Act

Park Min Young
(Photo : Park Min Young’s Instagram)

On January 15, Dispatch shocked the public after they revealed that Park Min Young received about 190,000 USD from her controversial ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun. The news immediately spread like wildfire on various online platforms and the actress received backlash from fans. 

After Dispatch’s revelation, Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment broke its silence about the issue and released a statement admitting to having received the money but then claimed that the money was not for the actress and that Mr. Kang had used Park Min Young’s bank account. 

“Actress Park Min Young was investigated in February 2023 due to the fact that Kang Jong Hyun had used her bank account. Through the investigation, it was proven that the actress hadn’t done anything illegal and that she had never profited from taking part in something illegal” stated Hook Entertainment.

They added that the 190,000 USD reported in the article was not used for Park Min Young’s expenses. 

K-Netz Criticize Hook Entertainment’s Released Statement About Park Min Young’s Money Controversy

Park Min Young

Park Min Young

(Photo : Park Min Young’s Instagram)

Despite giving their side and explaining the situation, K-Netz expressed their disappointment to the actress. Many of them criticized the released statement, and some said that the label’s statement seemingly admitted that Park Min Young had aided Mr. Kang in committing financial crimes.

Due to this, Park Min Young was also receiving hate from the public. 

“If she’s telling the truth, considering neither explanation helps her image.”

“But it’s illegal to let someone use your account.”

“Wasn’t she an accomplice to Kang Jong Hyun’s crimes? I can’t believe some people are using this statement to defend her.”

“If she let Kang Jong Hyun use her account, then she also committed a crime.”

“What? She let him use her bank account? That’s money laundering.”

Park Min Young

Park Min Young

(Photo : Wikitree)

Park Min Young is currently appearing in her new comeback series “Marry My Husband” and due to the ongoing issue, the actress is receiving backlash from the public which may affect her ongoing projects.

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