Park Min-young’s Sister-in-law Steals Viewers’ Hearts in “Marry My Husband”

After two weeks of airing, the K-drama “Marry My Husband” has achieved highly commendable successes. In particular, the drama has received high ratings, surpassing 6% in episode 3. It holds a prominent position on online streaming platforms and various popularity charts. 

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Viewers believe that the show has exceeded their expectations, proving to be outstanding and comparable to the original webtoon.

Aside from Park Min-young, who impresses strongly as the female lead Kang Ji-won, another actress has been stealing viewers’ hearts. She is none other than Choi Gyu-ri, who assumes the role of Yoo Hee-yeon. 

Choi Gyu-ri

According to the webtoon, Hee-yeon is the younger sister of the male lead, Yoo Ji-hyuk (played by Na In-woo), and so is Park Min-young’s “sister-in-law” in “Marry My Husband”. Despite being born to wealth, Hee-yeon leads a simple life, never flexing and would treat people the exact way they act towards her.

So far, the drama version of Hee-yeon has left viewers in awe, who expressed that they feel she “stepped right out of the webtoon”. With a cute appearance, lovable demeanor, and a radiant smile, Hee-yeon truly embodies the webtoon character, to the point of being more faithful to the original than the female lead Kang Ji-won/

In the webtoon, Hee-yeon is described as often having exaggerated yet adorable expressions, and the portrayal of Hee-yeon in the drama aligns with this.

Apart from creating a sense of “stepping out of the webtoon”, Park Min-young’s “sister-in-law” has won the hearts of viewers due to her bright and incredibly charming personality. She quickly becomes close friends with Ji-won after Ji-won “saved” her from a crisis 

Choi Gyu-ri

Thanks to Hee-yeon, Ji-won truly understands what a true friendship is, especially after being betrayed by her “best friend” in her first life. Hee-yeon is not hesitant to spend money to help Ji-won transform into the most perfect version of herself, enabling Ji-won to shine at her class reunion, where she faces those who once bullied her. 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hee-yeon is the warm sunshine that lights up the otherwise gloomy life of the female lead.

As a result, actress Choi Gyu-ri has also gained increased attention, with viewers praising her for natural acting, accurately capturing the spirit of her character.

Source: K14