Park Myung-soo Praises BLACKPINK’s Jisoo: ‘Lovely and Beautiful, with a Good Heart’

Park Myung-soo expressed his gratitude towards BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

On the 22nd, on the broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show,’ Park Myung-soo mentioned junior artists.

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During the broadcast, Park Myung-soo mentioned junior artists, including Vernon from the group Seventeen, saying, “He said he’s my fan. He knows the stories I’ve told, and he even knows that my father’s nickname is ‘Monkey Spanner of Gunsan.’”

park myung soo-jisoo blackpink

He continued, saying, “BLACKPINK’s Jisoo talks a lot when she comes. There are many juniors with good personalities. You have to become close to such people no matter what. They are my treasures. I’m happy because I have many lovable, pretty, and cute juniors.”

On this day, while discussing topics related to dating and marriage, model Lee Hyun-yi shared her experience with blind dates, saying, “I was a blind date maniac before marriage. At one point, I did it nine times a week.” When Park Myung-soo commented, “Lee Hyun-yi seems like she could go for mysticism; why are you revealing your dating stories?” Lee Hyun-yi explained, “It’s about the time before marriage. I actively sought out (blind dates). When I was a college student, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet male students at the women’s college. I actively asked my seniors and acquaintances to introduce me to guys.”

jisoo blackpink

Furthermore, the discussion touched on a story about a girlfriend who wavered towards another man after a trip, leading to concerns about the relationship itself. Lee Hyun-yi revealed, “I used to hold on and cry in the past. In the end, those things turned into scars. Now, I’ve become indifferent, and I’ve developed a way to defend myself,” suggesting taking some time to think about the situation. In response, Park Myung-soo shared, “If it were me, I would probably say, ‘Why are you like that?’ It seems difficult for me to show a cold attitude.”

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