Park Seo-joon Wraps Up ‘Kyungsung Creature’ Filming After 2 Years

Park Seo-joon has completed filming for ‘Kyungsung Creature.’

Actor Park Seo-joon announced on the 17th, “About 2 years. It’s over!” Along with this, he revealed a letter he received from the production team of the Netflix series ‘Kyungsung Creature.’

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The production team conveyed to Park Seo-joon, “In the long journey of ‘Kyungsung Creature,’ it’s still hard to believe that today is the last shooting day for Taesang, and there are subtle and full emotions!”

park seo joon

They added, “We’ve been with Taesang for a long time, and this work is filled with special moments that make us laugh and shed tears, so is it because of that that it doesn’t feel real that today is the last day?”

The production team also shared, “Above all, ‘Kyungsung Creature’ was able to be completed as such a wonderful work thanks to Taesang’s dedicated efforts, and seeing such an actor’s dedication gave the production team even greater motivation to continue the work.”

They concluded by saying, “Saying goodbye is very difficult, but I want to say that I will continue to support the future works of the actor Park Seo-joon, whom I had the honor of working with all this time. I sincerely thank you for being with us. Thank you again!”

Meanwhile, ‘Kyungsung Creature’ is a creature thriller set in the spring of 1945, when the darkness of the era was at its darkest, where two youths for whom survival was everything confront creatures born out of greed.

Source: nate