Park So Dam to Play As Gong Hyo Jin’s Sister in Her Comeback Movie ‘Gyeongju Journey’

As the queen of rom-com Gong Hyo Jin returns to the big screen with her comeback movie “Gyeongju Journey,” Park So Dam is in talks to join the upcoming project.

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In an exclusive report by SpoTV News, the duo was offered to headline the revenge road movie.

Park So Dam, Gong Hyo Jin Play Siblings in ‘Gyeongju Journey’

As mentioned by the outlet, Park So Dam is offered to play as Gong Hyo Jin’s on-screen sister.

Park So Dam
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Gong Hyo Jin
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With the new update regarding the upcoming film, expectations are high since this will be the first time that they will be working on the same project together.

In addition, “Gyeongju Journey” is also Gong Hyo Jin’s first big screen project after getting married to singer and songwriter Kevin Oh, and her first film after starring in the 2022 life documentary film “Ordinary Courage.”

What to Expect in Gong Hyo Jin & Park So Dam’s Movie ‘Gyeongju Journey’

Is a revenge movie that depicts the story of a mother who will do everything to protect her three daughters.

The dilemma starts when she loses her youngest daughter, who leaves for the province of Gyeongju.

Unfortunately, she is set to come across a perpetrator who has recently been released from prison.

Other than the interesting lineup of lead stars, “Gyeongju Journey” will be helmed by director Kim Mi Jo, who is the genius behind the film “Gull,” bagged the Grand Prize in the 2020 Korean Film Competition, the Jeonju Film Festival, and at the 68th San Sebastian International Film Festival.

What’s Next for Park So Dam and Gong Hyo Jin in 2024?

Besides the forthcoming revenge movie, Park So Dam recently headlined the two-part series “Death’s Game” with Seo In Guk.

In addition to this, she also returns to the big screen after her hiatus due to health issues as she stars in the action historical film “Phantom” with veteran actor Sol Kyung Gu as well as Honey Lee, Park Hae Soo, and more.

As mentioned, other than Gong Hyo Jin’s movie comeback, the award-winning actress returns to K-drama with an interesting series.

Joined by South Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho, the 43-year-old actress headlines “When the Stars Gossip.”

'Ask The Stars' Behind The Scene
(Photo : Lee Min Ho Instagram)
Lee Min Ho, Gong Hyo Jin

The upcoming rom-com K-drama, which is set to air sometime in 2024, focuses on the unexpected romance between the Korean American astronaut Eve Kim (Gong Hyo Jin) and OB Gyn doctor Gong Ryong (Lee Min Ho) during their space expedition.

“When the Stars Gossip” is directed by Park Shin Woo and screenwriter Seo Sook Hyang, who are the geniuses behind the hit K-dramas “Pasta” and “Jealousy Incarnate.”