Park So Yi reveals impressions of  “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” actors, “Kang Dong Won always smiles”

Park So Yi expressed her feelings about working with veteran actors in the film “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman”

On September 19th, the press conference for “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” was held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Yongsang-gu, Seoul. The cast, including Kang Dong Won, Heo Jun Ho, Esom, Lee Dong Hwi Kim Jong Soo, Park So Yi, and director Kim Sung Sik attended the event.

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“Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” is a movie about a fake exorcist (Kang Dong Won) who cannot see ghosts but solves the case with ghost-like insight and is commissioned for a powerful possession case he has never experienced before.

In the drama, Kang Dong Won takes on the lead role of Dr. Cheon, the fake exorcist who does not believe in ghosts, while Heo Jun Ho plays Beo Cheon, a villain who hunts spirits. Esom appears as Yoo Kyung, a client who sees ghosts, and Lee Dong Hwi will be Dr. Cheon’s partner In Bae. In addition, child actress Park So Yi portrays Yoo Min, the only family member and younger sister of Yoo Kyung.

At the press conference, Park So Yi shared, “Uncle Kang Dong Won smiled all the time, and uncle Lee Dong Hwi always listened to me even though he might have felt tired because I talked a lot. I was quite awkward with Esom unnie at first and I wanted to get close to her, but later on, we realized that our tastes matched each other very well”.

She added, “Uncle Kim Jong Soo talked a lot and he answered each of my questions sincerely. I was a little scared of uncle Heo Jun Ho at first because of his special makeup, but it turned out that he’s very sweet and friendly”.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” will be released on September 27th.

Source: Daum