Park Sung Hoon’s Mother Didn’t Want Him Home During His Military Day-Off For THIS Heartbreaking Reason

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Park Sung Hoon talked about his family as he looked back at his humble beginnings before his skyrocketing fame.

While he enjoys his heyday, thanks to his back-to-back hit K-dramas like “The Glory” and “Queen of Tears,” the 39-year-old actor dished on his family’s financial struggles when he was younger.

Park Sung Hoon Reveals ‘Crying a Lot’ After Phone Call With His Mother

In 2023, the actor gained the attention of the public when the show “Free Doctor” mentioned Park Sung Hoon’s family during an episode, covering celebrities coming from a wealthy family.

One panel journalist shared that the actor was the same as his character in “The Glory” because he belongs to a pretty well-off family and has a good education.

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“Everyone in the family except for Park Sung Hoon either went to a medical or law school,” as mentioned by an outlet.

However, the actor shut down these claims and revealed that his family was not a chaebol.

During his appearance in “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” Park Sung Hoon told hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho that he “wasn’t raised in a rich family, especially after the IMF crisis.”

 “Our family’s condition even became more difficult. I didn’t get any support besides transportation fees when I was in high school because I was that poor.”

In addition to this, he also revealed the time when he had his first day off in the military. Since he was away from months, Park Sung Hoon was excited to go home and be with his family.

However, instead of getting the feeling of excitement from his parents, his mother told him not to take the day off.

According to Park Sung Hoon, his mother revealed their situation and was told that they were surviving off of just kimchi and water. If the actor insisted on meeting his family on his day off, there would be no extravagant food waiting for him.

 “After the phone call, I think I cried a lot.”

After hearing this, fans flocked to social media and expressed how proud they are of Park Sung Hoon, noting that he deserved all the fame and projects that he has.

What’s Next for Park Sung Hoon?

Through “The Glory,” Park Sung Hoon captivates viewers with his villain roles, from playing the chaebol Jeon Jae Jun in the Netflix series to Yoon Eun Sung in tvN’s “Queen of Tears.”

Interestingly, viewers will get to see the actor join the star-studded cast in Netflix’s “Squid Game 2.”

He will star alongside original cast members Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung Hoon, Wi Ha Joon, and Gong Yoo in a cameo role.

As for the new cast members, Im Si Wan, Kang Ha Neul, Yang Dong Geun, Park Gyu Young, Jo Yuri, and more are also part of the supporting cast.