Passionate Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Passionate Love is a Chinese short-length drama that is good in terms of chemistry between the main characters for you to watch, but if you don’t mind the theme of sadomasochism. See my full review below!

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Drama Details

Title: Passionate Love (烈爱)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: December 30, 2023
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV

Passionate Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Once upon a time, there was Duan Xun Chu, a young man whose family had tragically perished. He harbored a deep-seated grudge, mistakenly believing his elder sister-in-law, Lin Wen Yu, to be connected to their downfall. Fuelled by years of resentment, he rose to become a powerful warlord general, determined to seek revenge.

As fate would have it, when Duan Xun Chu returned, tensions between him and Lin Wen Yu only escalated, their interactions clouded by past grievances. Caught in the web of familial misunderstandings, their relationship remained strained. Yet, amidst their conflicts, a hidden spark began to emerge – a silent attraction that neither dared to acknowledge.

Through the trials of their shared history and the tangled emotions they faced, Duan Xun Chu and Lin Wen Yu found themselves drawn to each other in ways they never expected. Slowly, they began to unravel the misconceptions that had driven them apart, discovering a deeper connection that transcended their past animosities.

In the end, love prevailed over hate as they confronted their misunderstandings together. Hand in hand, Duan Xun Chu and Lin Wen Yu embraced a new beginning, leaving behind the shadows of the past as they ventured forward into a brighter future united in love and understanding.


Passionate Love Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Passionate Love Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the closing scene of the episode, Song Zhenyuan descended the stairs at a slow pace, supported by crutches. At that moment, Mr. Watanabe hurled a piece of paper at him in anger before storming off.

Meanwhile, as Duan Xunchu tenderly washed Lin Wenyu’s hair, he reflected on a realization that had taken him a decade to grasp.

On the other side, Song Zhenyu lit a stick of incense in memory of his daughter. Recalling her sacrifice to save him, he was overcome with regret and vowed to his departed daughter that he would never engage in conflict again.

Soon after, Duan Xunchu and Lin Wenyu paid a visit to the Song family after honoring their ancestors. Witnessing Song Zhenyuan burn all the incriminating documents, Lin Wenyu’s parents’ long-cherished dream was finally fulfilled.

As a gesture of empathy, Duan Xunchu presented Song Zhenyuan with a carefully chosen watch, allowing him to experience the pain of losing a loved one.

Despite harboring disdain for Song Zhenyuan’s hypocritical demeanor, Duan Xunchu was taken aback when Song Zhenyuan unexpectedly handed over the letters he had exchanged with Japan, hoping to put an end to further conflict.

In a heart-wrenching twist, as he finished his confession, Song Zhenyuan discreetly produced a gun from beneath the table. Unable to bear the thought of his daughter Wanzhen being alone in the afterlife, he took his own life.

Three days later, the streets buzzed with tales of Duan Xunchu’s heroic deeds, spreading far and wide. His acts of bravery, along with the narrative of his relationship with the talented and compassionate Lin Wenyu, captured the town’s imagination.

Amidst a recent flu outbreak, Lin Wenyu selflessly prepared remedies for the townsfolk. Touched by her kindness, Duan Xunchu surprised her with special lilies, symbolizing their blossoming love. Finally, after overcoming numerous trials, the two found happiness together at last.

Passionate Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Passionate Love Chinese Drama Review

I decided to give this series a chance solely because of He Xuanlin. I’m not a fan of themes involving sadomasochism, and I also steer clear of shows with excessive cursing.

As outlined in the synopsis, Lin Wenyu takes the spotlight as the Female Lead. Originally named Su Wenyue, she is the daughter of Su Mu, who served as lieutenant to Duan Xunchu’s father.

Due to their families’ close ties, Wenyue grew up in the Duan household and was betrothed to Duan Xunliu, the eldest son. However, tragedy struck one fateful night when enemies attacked, leaving only Wenyue and Xunchu alive.

Wenyue, in an attempt to protect Xunchu, deceives him into leaving the city. Seven years later, their paths cross again, but this time Xunchu is driven by vengeance, blaming Wenyue for his family’s demise. As they gradually unravel the truth and mend their misunderstandings, they embark on a journey to uncover the real culprits.

Our Female Lead, Wenyu, is a few years older than the Male Lead, whom she affectionately sees as her younger brother. She runs an apothecary and is renowned for her beauty and medical expertise. Wenyu is portrayed as an elegant, intelligent, courageous, kind-hearted woman with a forgiving nature.

The Male Lead, Xunchu, is consumed by his desire for vengeance against those responsible for his family’s tragedy. His feelings toward Wenyue are conflicted, oscillating between love and hate.

Despite initially treating her poorly upon his return as a powerful general, he struggles with his emotions and jealousy toward her interactions with others.

A typical spoiled rich girl, Wanzhen is the youngest in the Song family and behaves recklessly due to her privileged upbringing. She often bullies Wenyu and harbors resentment toward her adoptive brother, Huaining.

Adopted by the Song family, Huaining is a gentle and well-mannered young man with a mysterious past. Despite his occasional bouts of amnesia, he forms a close friendship with Xunchu and seeks solace in Wenyu’s medical care.

He Xuanlin delivers a stellar performance, serving as the main reason I stuck with the series. Gao Mingchen, in his first lead role, portrays Xunchu’s complex character with intensity, albeit some may find his portrayal too angst-ridden. Supporting characters fulfill their roles adequately, with the spoiled brat archetype being particularly well-executed.

Honestly, the music in this series is average at best and not particularly memorable. At times, it tends to overpower the scenes, and I’m not particularly fond of the opening song either.

Frankly, I despise the Male Lead’s character. His mistreatment of Wenyu, alternating with moments of care, is appalling. His jealousy and possessiveness only add to his unlikable demeanor. Although Wenyu’s forgiveness is admirable, I find it unrealistic given the circumstances.

Passionate Love Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

He Xuan Lin as Lin Wen Yu

Gao Ming Chen as Duan Xun Chu

Macy as Song Wan Zhen

Yang Cheng Han as Song Huai Ning

Support Role

Sun Rong as Song Zhen Yuan

Huang Wei as Staff Officer Yang

Zhang Yun as Director Wang


My Verdict

Would I recommend this series? If you don’t mind the sadomasochism theme, it’s worth a watch for the chemistry between the leads. The plot may be somewhat predictable, but observing how the characters navigate their challenges provides some intrigue. Plus, with short episodes, it’s a quick binge-watch, totaling less than three hours. My rating for the Passionate Love Chinese drama review is 8,1/10.