So I love learning foreign languages. English is the first foreign language I learn since I was a kid (please forgive me if there are many typos and grammatical errors because my English has gone quite rusty) and now I want to learn a new language.. and because I still watch k-drama and stan a boy group I chose to learn Korean. 


These days, through this site also in Twitter and Quora, it feels like I only read more and more bad things about Korean society, how racist they are (especially to SEA..I’m from SEA) and I also read lots of people’s experience working under Korean bosses and just how badly they are treated. It honestly make me re-think if I should continue to learn Korean or not. My actual push to learn Korean was to understand my fave group’s contents easier…. 

I have to mention that I don’t have those kind of k-boo dream like marrying Korean man, being an idol etc, I just like learning new language. But all the bad things I see and read about Korea as a nation nowadays just kinda discouraged me, like if there’s any please tell me some good things about Korea too? I honestly starting to think maybe I should learn Japanese instead because there are lots of interesting places in Japan you can travel to. And most of my friends who traveled also said Japan has more interesting places than Korea to visit. 

Please give me some advices, especially if you are also currently learning Korean. I would like to hear why and what motivates you! I’m sorry if my question sounded rude or naïve or something i just want some advices, that’s why I wrote this question.

Thank you!