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So to get straight to the point, I’m 24 years old (a 99 liner) and I feel stuck in my life currently- because I feel since I’m not married yet, then there’s nothing else to do.

I’ve been letting time past by since 2020 and I literally do nothing everyday. Like I’m home 24/7 and I spend my free time just on my phone (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest)..just looking at other people life and telling myself every time “that could’ve been me” or “I’m gonna be living like that one day haha”. But yet I’m doing NOTHING to change my situation.

Now I know y’all are gonna get me for this, but I’m a single parent mom with a 4 year old and he has autism, so I’m already dealing with a lot with that.

I enrolled for Dental Assistant school, but haven’t been to class for 4 months since enrolling (but still paying the tuition every month because I eventually plan on getting back in).

And I live with my parents in a apartment. My mom doesn’t work and my dad don’t work because of health issues. Still able to pay rent though, but as you can see my financial situation as a whole isn’t good. Especially in this economy (oh, I don’t work either because I look after my son at home).

The thing is, I want to be married right now at 24. I want to be a housewife and have a man take care of me, and I want a traditional life….with a MAN.

I feel lost in life and unmotivated to do anything because of me being single, no money, not close with any family members, 0 friends, I’m overweight and I have a child.

A stupid part of me feel like me being married will solve majority of my problems because I’ll be taken care of financially, I won’t have to worry about my image too much because I’ll already have a guy, I wouldn’t be a single parent anymore so less burden with that, and I wouldn’t need friends or need to be close with my family because I’ll have him and his family.

I have 4 questions for whoever reading this:

• What should I do about my appearance and weight? (because that’s another major thing holding me back) 

• Should I continue looking forward to a relationship or be content single? 

• Is anyone in a somewhat similar situation, in terms of feeling lost in life or wanting a relationship? 

• What would YOU do in MY situation???