‘Penthouse’ writer is back with an even crazier makjang ‘The Escape of the Seven’

Article: Penthouse scriptwriter is back at it again… new drama features minors getting assaulted and giving birth ‘all makjang elements in one’ with ‘The Escape of the Seven’

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+633] I decided to stop watching dramas by Kim Soon Ok and Im Sung Han for my mental health!

[+458] Do drama producers no longer feel any responsibility for society anymore? They only care about their “freedom of expression” and not its implications

[+353] We really need to stop with these trashy dramas…

[+394] I’m getting scared of this scriptwriter now..

[+217] It’s a skip for me.. watched a bit and changed the channel…

[+176] The plot is absolute insanity… I can’t believe people are giving it attention ㅜ there’s no sense or meaning or lesson to be learned in any of this

[+99] Where are any of the heartwarming, feel good dramas… All this switched at birth, cheating, murder, conspiracy ㅡㅡ; not good for your mental health

[+94] I watched it yesterday and it was so makjang. Felt way too much with all these minors getting assaulted and pregnant and whatnot

[+33] It’s a drama meant for teens, why is it so provocative.. I watched a bit and changed the channel. It’s makjang with no consequences. 

[+20] The first episode was like eating 100 sweet potatoes at once, so frustrating… I almost passed out.

[+65] Couldn’t help but cringe at the makjang and change the channel. I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt uncomfortable with it. 

[+71] Ugh, another makjang? These are so hard to watch. Can we please get some new stuff now?

[+50] I watched a bit and all the makjang didn’t look like it was going to be good for my mental health ㅡㅡ