People debate whether ILLIT, BabyMonster, RIIZE, and TWS are 5th generation

ILLIT, BabyMonster, RIIZE, TWS = 5th generation?

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1. By my standards, they are still 4th generation..

2. It looks like new groups from SM and Teddy will be added here

3. It feels different to put them in the 4th generation

4. They are the 5th generation

5. You may not feel it because of Corona, but according to the media, the 4th generation started in 2018, so it’s time for the 5th generation to appear

6. NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM are 4th generation, but they are already 5th generation…? Not 4.5?

7. I’m not a fan of them but it seems like they are 5th generation

8. This is not 5th generation

9. It will catch up with the iPhone soon

10. I agree that they are 5th generation

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