“Perfect Family” Previous Kim Young Dae Channeling Inner “Young and Rich” Persona

Calling all fans of flashy K-dramas and enticing mysteries!

KBS 2TV’s upcoming Perfect Family is about to serve up a heaping helping of both, with a dash of heartthrob transformation on the side.

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This mystery thriller dives into the dark underbelly of a seemingly perfect family. Their idyllic facade crumbles after their daughter’s murder, casting suspicion and paranoia amongst them.

In the midst of this family turmoil steps Kim Young Dae, undergoing a complete image shift for his role as Park Kyung-ho. Gone are his usual characters – say hello to a wealthy only son dripping with charm and good looks! Kim Young Dae effortlessly pulls off the “Young and Rich” image, rocking a school uniform that screams privilege.

But Park Kyung-ho isn’t all sunshine and smiles. The drama hints at a hidden depth with glimpses of intense stares that spark curiosity about his past and secrets. Get ready to be captivated by Kim’s diverse range, from portraying Park Kyung-ho’s unwavering affection for his friend Choi Sun-hee (Park Ju Hyun) to his own intriguing narrative.

Perfect Family

The production team is positively buzzing about Kim Young-dae’s performance. They’re praising his ability to embody the character with his unique style and highlight his talent for expressing emotions through his eyes. They’re particularly excited for viewers to witness his portrayal of Park Kyung-ho’s one-sided love and the unraveling of his personal story.

Adding to the hype is the drama’s director, Isao Yukisada, a renowned Japanese filmmaker known for sweeping various film festivals. This marks his first foray into Korean dramas, and with a captivating webtoon as the source material, “Perfect Family” is poised to be a must-watch.

So, mark your calendars for August because Perfect Family is ready to unleash a whirlwind of mystery, family secrets, and a captivating performance by Kim Young-dae. You won’t want to miss it!