Perfect Family Stills: Kim Young-dae Channels Mysterious Schoolboy Charm in Upcoming Webtoon-Based Drama

The upcoming KBS2 drama has unveiled the first set of Perfect Family stills featuring actor Kim Young-dae in his role as Park Gyeong-ho, a pivotal character in this webtoon-based mystery series. Known for his previous roles, Young-dae takes on the challenge of portraying a chaebol high schooler with an enigmatic aura.

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Directed by Yukisada Isao, making his Korean debut, this drama 완벽한 가족 is adapted from the popular webtoon by Nyangpa. The drama stars Park Ju-hyun as Choi Seon-hui, alongside Yoon Se-ah, Kim Byung-chul, Lee Shi-woo, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Choi Ye-bin in pivotal roles.

In the newly unveiled stills, Kim Young-dae’s portrayal of Park Gyeong-ho in his school uniform captivates with a blend of charm and enigma, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the intricate layers set to unravel as the series progresses. Park Gyeong-ho emerges as the scion of a wealthy lineage, his privileged upbringing evident in every confident stride. Beyond his striking good looks, he wields a silver-tongued eloquence that proves as formidable as it is alluring, hinting at a character poised to navigate a web of complexities and challenges yet to unfold.

Check Out The Perfect Family Stills Below

The storyline of Perfect Family revolves around Choi Seon-hui’s seemingly perfect life, which is suddenly disrupted by the tragic death of her close friend, Park Gyeong-ho. As Choi Seon-hui grapples with the shock and sorrow of losing someone dear, this drama will intricately weave through a web of secrets and mysteries that begin to unravel in the wake of Park Gyeong-ho’s death. Set against the backdrop of a bustling city, the narrative promises to delve deeply into the complexities of human relationships and the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface of the characters’ lives, revealing unexpected connections and poignant revelations along the way.

Perfect Family kdrama is slated for release in August on KBS2 TV, promising viewers a compelling narrative driven by suspense and emotional depth.

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