‘Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground’ Enters Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV Shows

“Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground” emerges as one of the most-watched TV shows on Netflix after entering the global top 10. 

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Officially returned to Netflix on March 19, the South Korean reality survival show has garnered a total of 235,000,000 viewers hours a day after it aired. 

‘Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground’ Ranks 2nd in Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV Show

In a report cited by Flix Patrol, a streaming aggregator service, “Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground” ranked second on the daily list as of March 20. 

Physical: 100 Season 2 - Underground
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

It surpassed the currently trending K-dramas like “Queen of Tears,” starring Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, and “Doctor Slump,” headlined by Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik, which are ranked 7th and 8th, respectively. 

Interestingly, “Physical: 100 Season 2: Underground” was among the top 3 TV shows in various countries, like Malaysia, Iceland, Australia, Denmark, and Chile, at third, while the show ranked second in Canada, Bulgaria, Finland, El Salvador, and more. 

On the other hand, the survival show topped the chart in Singapore, making it the most-watched show in the country. 

Is ‘Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground’ Worth Watching? 

Physical: 100 Season 2 - Underground
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

First released in 2023, “Physical: 100” is the first South Korean reality survival show to air on Netflix. 

In addition, it is the first unscripted show to top Netflix’s non-English TV chart. 

Dubbed the “real-life ‘Squid Game'” by some due to its grueling challenge, the show introduces 100 participants from various backgrounds who will battle out the death-defying games, and only one will emerge as a winner. 

From national athletes, Olympians, celebrities, government employees, and FBI diplomats, they will have a shot at winning the whopping grand prize of 300 million KRW, or around 225,518 USD.

In addition, they will be given the honor of having the “perfect physique.”

While season 1 featured some Korean legends like MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and skeleton racer and gold medalist at the 2018 Winter Olympics Yun Sung Bin, season 2 showcased a number of notable participants. 

Among the familiar faces is Kim Dong Hyun, who is the first South Korean fighter in the UFC’s welterweight division. 

In addition, the returning Hong Beom Seok from season 1 also joined the show to redeem himself. 

Adding to the top-tier participants is the quadruple judo champion, Lee Won Hee, who is also known by his monikers “Mr. Ippon” and “Grand Slammer.”

“Physical: 100” season 2 went all out and opened its doors to celebrities, including Lee Jae Yoon, who is best known for his K-drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.”

Other than acting, Lee Jae Yoon’s Instagram suggests that he is into fitness and has a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu.