‘Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground’ Episode 9: Meet the Final Four

“Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground” Episode 9 was definitely nail-biting as two amazing participants went against each other to complete the final quest.

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Physical: 100 season 2
Physical: 100 Season 2
(Photo : Netflix)

With 100 hopefuls joining the Netflix survival challenge, the final episode was down to its last four.

Released on March 19, 2024, viewers got to see the return of the South Korean reality show, with the contestants from different fields and in tip-top shape surviving the grueling quests to claim the cash prize of 227,700 USD, and the honor of being season 2’s winner.

‘Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground’: Meet the Final Four

After concluding the intra-team challenge, the game was then between four strong contenders.

Representing their group were team leaders Hong Beom Seok and Andre Jin.

Under Team Jung Ji Hyun was Amotti, and for Team Lee Jae Yoon was Justin Harvey.

Justin Harvey Physical: 100 Season 2
(Photo : Justin Harvey Instagram)
‘Physical: 100’ Season 2
(Photo : Netflix K Content)
Physical: 100 season 2
(Photo : Netflix)

Physical: 100 Amotti
(Photo : Amotti Instagram)

‘Physical: 100 Season 2: Underground’ Episode 9: The Last Man Standing

Titled “1/100,” the episode continued with Amotti beating Jung Ji Hyun in the intra team, which made him advance to the next quest.

Physical: 100 Season 2
(Photo : Netflix)
Physical: 100 Season 2
(Photo : Netflix)

With the last four participants, they had to compete for the final quest.

Round 1 consisted of holding their torsos as long as they could. The weight of the torso was proportioned to everyone’s body weight. In this challenge, only one contestant would be eliminated.

Physical: 100 Season 2 - Underground
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

As the game started, Hong Beom Seok, Amotti, Justin Harvey, and Andre Jin got into position.

Hong Beom Seok’s strategy was to use his body weight to counterbalance the weight of the torso.

After a few minutes, some of the contestants could feel their muscles getting strained.

While Amotti and Hong Beom Seok tried to keep their cool, Andre Jin and Justin Harvey struggled to find their pace.

Unfortunately, Justin Harvey couldn’t keep up and lost the game.

In an interview, he admitted that he felt disappointed for losing, but at the same time, he didn’t regret anything since he gave his 100 percent and made it to the top 4.

With one player gone, it was then up between the top three finalists.

Amotti, Andre Jin, and Hong Beom Seok faced the infinite squats challenge. The twist here was that they must carry over 140kg of coal and do squats as they hear the sound. The contestant who couldn’t keep up with the pace or unable to carry the weight would be eliminated.

Amotti knew that the challenge was in the bag since crossfitters live and breathe squats.

Meanwhile, Hong Beom Seok knew that he was in big trouble since squats were not his thing.

At this point, it was Andre Jin who lost the momentum and got eliminated.

The last and final quest was pole pushing. Here, the two contestants would hold on each end of the pole and push it at the same time. The player who would knock over his post would win the game.

Hong Beom Seok won the first round, which made Amotti desperate to win the last two.

Interestingly, the crossfitter changed the game and won the last two rounds.