‘Physical: 100’ Season 2 Winner: Get to Know More About the New Champion

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“Physical: 100 Season 2-Underground” wrapped up the show with an intense season finale.

Viewers got hooked on the last two episodes of the show, featuring the surviving participants who will advance to the final quests.

Premiering on March 19, fans get to see grueling challenges and a variety of participants join the second season.

From familiar faces like notable Olympians, professional athletes, celebrities, government officers, fitness enthusiasts, and more, these 100 participants battled it out to win the honor of having the greatest physique and, of course, the whopping cash prize of 227,700 USD.

Meet the ‘Physical: 100’ Season 2 Final Four

After the intense intra-team challenge in episode 8, viewers get to see the last four participants who will be advancing to Quest 5.

From Team Lee Jae Yoon, actor Justin Harvey made it to the top four, while professional crossfitter Amotti represented Team Jung Ji Hyun.

Justin Harvey Physical: 100 Season 2
(Photo : Justin Harvey Instagram)
‘Physical: 100’ Season 2
(Photo : Netflix K Content)
Physical: 100 Amotti
(Photo : Amotti Instagram)
Physical: 100 season 2
(Photo : Netflix)

Lastly, joining the duo are team leaders Hong Beom Seok, who also joined this season, and Andre Jin, from the national rugby team.

Who Won ‘Physical: 100 Season 2’?

The final four competed against each other in the death-defying final quest.

Justin Harvey lost the first round after failing to hold on to the hanging torso.

The second round showcased Andre Jin’s struggle to keep up the pace during the infinite squat challenge.

As for the third and final round, it was between Amotti and Hong Beom Seok.

The first round of the pole-pulling challenge featured Hong Beom Seok’s strategic moves, which helped him win the round.

However, with Amotti’s desperation and will to win, he bagged the last two rounds, won the title, and was named the “Physical: 100” season 2 winner.

Who is Amotti of ‘Physical: 100’ Season 2?

Physical: 100 Season 2 Amotti
(Photo : Amotti Instagram)

Newly crowned “Physical: 100” season 2 winner, Amotti’s real name is Kim Jae Hong.

He is widely known in the cross-fit community for his physique and strength.

In 2018, Amotti ranked 24th in the Asian men’s division, followed by 727th globally in 2020.

Apart from his professional career, he is also a YouTuber, with his content focused on fitness.

A post shared by instagram


In addition, the 31-year-old fitness enthusiast and CrossFitter is active on Instagram, witha currentt following of 138k.

In his latest post, the “Physical: 100” season 2 winner shared behind-the-scenes snaps during the filming of Netflix’s reality show.

The comment section was flooded with congratulatory messages from fans and fellow participants like Lee Kyu Ho, whom he beat during the one-on-one deathmatch.