​​‘Physical: 100’ Season 3: Did Netflix Hint at Possible Renewal?

“Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground” has unveiled the new winner. The show premiered on March 19, and gave viewers a show that tested the participants strength, endurance, agility, and stamina. 

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One hundred contestants in top physical shape came together to see who among them would survive the intense challenges in hopes of claiming the honor and the cash prize of 227,000 USD.

After nine episodes of grueling tasks, Netflix has named the last man standing for Season 2.

‘Physical: 100’ Season 2 Winner: Get To Know The Last Man Standing

Netflix released the last two episodes of “Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground” by introducing the competition’s final four: actor Justin Harvey from Team Lee Jae Yoon and Crossfitter Amotti from Team Jung Ji Hyuk, along with Team Leaders Hong Beom Seok and Andre Jin, who represent their group,.

After rounds of challenges during the final quest, the last game was between Hong Beom Seok and Amotti.

Physical: 100 Amotti
(Photo : Amotti Instagram)

Viewers witnessed a close fight between the two, but it was the 31-year-old CrossFitter and YouTube personality who was declared the “Physical: 100” Season 2 winner.

‘Physical: 100’ Season 3: Will the Reality Show Get Renewed?

Since the first season, “Physical: 100” has been getting positive responses from the public.

Physical: 100 Season 2
(Photo : Netflix)

In fact, for the second season, streaming aggregator service Flix Patrol recorded an impressive ranking of the South Korean reality show by landing 4th place in Netflix’s Top 10 TV shows, and ranking first as the most watched TV show in Singapore as of April 3.

With the public’s massive support, viewers are curious if there will be “Physical: 100” Season 3.

In the last episode of the reality show, the last scenes of the show hint at the return of the reality survival show on a much grander scale.

As seen in the last clip, the voiceover suggests that the journey is bound to be continued.

“Our search for the perfect physique… will continue.”

On the other hand, “Physical: 100” producer Jang Ho Gi addressed the speculations regarding the possibility of the third installment. He said:

“If our show continues to receive positive responses from audiences, we believe we can expand our reach beyond Korea and into a larger region in Asia.”

In addition, the producer mentioned that they are “gathering various ideas,” but “nothing has been confirmed yet” as of the moment.

With regard to the possibility of having the show renewed, producer Jang Ho Gi said that they initially wanted to invite non-Korean citizens to join the show.

“Now that we have finished the second season, we have started discussions about expanding into other Asian countries, at the very least.”