Pinkpantheress interpolates f(x)’s “Ice Cream” on “Another Life” off her new album ‘Heaven Knows’

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Pinkpantheress has interpolated f(x)‘s track “Ice Cream” off their NU ABO album on her track “Another Life” off her debut album Heaven Knows. In case you didn’t catch it, she wanted to make sure everybody knew.

Considering the apparent impact she’s been having on K-pop’s sound of late, this is especially cool timing.

In case you have trouble picking it out, here’s a useful clip:

Somehow it seems to always be f(x) when it comes back to these things, as I think the first time I noticed this was Injury Reserve sampling “Rum Pum Pum Pum“.

Granted, this isn’t close to the first time she’s done this with K-pop, as she’s also used f(x)’s “Sweet Witches”…

…EXID’s “Night Rather Than Day”…

…NCT’s “Knock On”, and others.