Plagiarism or Coincidence? ILLIT’s Controversial Track Stirs Debate

The K-pop scene is abuzz with controversy as ILLIT’s latest track “Lucky Girl Syndrome” faces accusations of plagiarism.

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The song, featured in ILLIT’s debut EP album ‘Super Real Me’, has drawn comparisons to “Favorite Liar”, a 2016 release by American pop rock band The Wrecks.

Online Community Erupts: Netizens Express Shock and Disbelief

Netizens took to the online community board theqoo to voice their opinions, with many expressing shock at the striking similarities between the two tracks.

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Comments such as:

  • “It’s quite similar,”
  • “It’s way too similar,”
  • “I’m shocked that it sounds the same to my ears,”
  • “I heard this is okay, but this really won’t work.”
  • “Still, you don’t want to hear the sound of an imitation group??”
  • “Not really… not similar…”
  • “It’s okay, but I guess this will be okay too.”
  • “It’s a plagiarism group.”
  • “Sounds like shit…?”
  • “It’s a common style, but it’s very similar.”
  • “I don’t think it’s the same. No water riding. Rather, other groups are more similar to Repugs.”
  • “This song couldn’t have been released without the original song. There’s really no originality. This place only brings out the aggro every time.”

Listen and Decide: Clip Comparing the Controversial Tracks

A clip comparing “Lucky Girl Syndrome” and “Favorite Liar” has circulated online, prompting listeners to make their own judgments on the alleged similarities. The controversy continues to unfold as fans and music enthusiasts weigh in on the issue.

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Recently, ILLIT, HYBE’s youngest group, faces heightened criticism regarding their live performance skills following their debut with “Magnetic” and subsequent wins on music shows.

The scrutiny peaked after their encore performance on SBS MTV’s “The Show,” where some criticized their vocals as unstable and shaky. Online reactions varied, with some attributing the issues to debut nerves while others called for improvement.

Despite the criticism, ILLIT continued to secure victories on music shows, presenting opportunities for growth. However, as expectations rise, especially regarding vocal stability, the group faces the challenge of improving while under intense scrutiny.

Some members have received praise for their live vocals, but overall, the group faces persistent critique. Additionally, recent allegations of AI-generated content in teaser trailers have added to the controversy surrounding the group’s debut. Despite criticism, supporters urge patience and emphasize the members’ journey.

watch the full video here.

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