Planning to Watch The Auditors Kdrama? Check Out the Cast, Release Date, Characters, and More!

TvN continues to deliver exceptional content this year, with an exciting addition on the horizon: The Auditors kdrama (감사합니다), a forthcoming office drama infused with elements of mystery and comedy. Headlined by Shin Ha-kyun, celebrated for his roles in dramas such as Beyond Evil and Evilive the series promises to blend intricate storytelling with compelling character dynamics.

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Korean mystery comedy series typically blends suspenseful plots with humour, creating a unique viewing experience that keeps audiences both entertained and on the edge of their seats. These shows often feature quirky detectives or amateur sleuths who use their wit and unconventional methods to solve intricate cases. The mystery elements are carefully crafted with unexpected twists and turns, while the comedic aspects provide relief and charm, making the series engaging and light.

The Auditors Kdrama Still 1

The Auditors Kdrama Episode 1 Preview

The Auditors Plot

The Auditors is going to be a riveting K-drama that unfolds within the intricate dynamics of a corporate workplace, focusing on Gu Han-soo, a heartfelt rookie auditor, and Shin Cha-il, a formidable and stoic leader of the audit team. Despite their contrasting personalities, both share a deep commitment to rooting out corporate malpractice and aiding those affected by it.

At JU Construction, a company plagued by pervasive corruption, Gu Han-soo finds himself navigating a complex web of deceit alongside his colleagues, including the determined Yoon Seo-jin and the uncompromising Shin Cha-il. Together, they form a formidable audit team determined to expose the truth behind the company’s murky dealings. As they delve deeper into the labyrinthine world of corporate malfeasance, alliances are tested, secrets unravel, and each member must confront their own principles and convictions in the relentless pursuit of justice.

The Auditors Kdrama Still 2The Auditors Kdrama Still 2

This drama promises a compelling narrative that blends suspense with moral dilemmas, as Gu Han-soo and Shin Cha-il navigate the high-stakes world of corporate auditing, where every decision carries profound consequences for both the company and those they seek to protect.

The Auditors Cast

Directed by Kwon Young-il, this comedy-mystery drama stars Shin Ha-kyun as Shin Cha-il, Lee Jung-ha as Gu Han-soo, Jin Goo as Hwang Dae-woong, Jo Aram as Yoon Seo-jin, Jung Moon-sung as Hwang Se-woong, Jung Dong-hwan as Bang In-gam, and others.

The Auditors Character Posters

The Auditors Episode List

The Kdrama is expected to have a 12-episode run.

Where to Watch The Auditors

The 2024 tvN K-drama title will be available to watch on the subscription-based streaming service Viki and TVING.

The Auditors Release Date and Time

The first episode of the web series will premiere on July 6, 2024, at 2: 20 PM KST on the streaming service Viki and TVING.

Watch the The Auditors Trailer

YouTube videoYouTube video

The new series will reportedly air on the OTT streamer every Saturday and Sunday.

Will you be tuning in for the newest 2024 drama this weekend? Feel free to share your thoughts on the captivating premise of this new Korean series in the comments section below!

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