Pledis’ Unprofessionalism Continues, fromis_9 Not Even Aware of Comeback, “Heard about It from Fans”

On the afternoon of June 4, an article titled about fromis_9 was published on the Korean forum theqoo, drawing attention. 

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The article attached a video of Song Hayoung, a member of fromis_9, who commented that she was never aware that her group will be making a comeback in August. 

In particular, Song Hayoung revealed that she only heard about the comeback from fans, and mentioned that fromis_9 is not prepared for this comeback, basically exposing the unprofessionalism of the group’s agency Pledis – a subsidiary of HYBE. 

This revelation has greatly angered fans, who left comments such as “Is the company planning on disbanding them early?”, “What the hell is Pledis doing”, and “It’s better to just end their contracts early at this point” under the article.


On the other hand, various controversies surrounding Pledis’ mistreatment of fromis_9 have emerged in the past, including a member complaining that their group is being neglected and allegations that fromis_9 never received any payment after 7 years of activities. 

In response, Pledis only announced that fromis_9 is making a comeback and never took any other action, angering fans. This has prompted the groups’ fandom to sent funeral wreaths and protest trucks to the company to express their frustration. 

Source: theqoo