Pledis’ Visual Director Called Out Toxic Fans, “I’m Physically & Mentally Tired” 

On June 3, the visual director of Pledis – the agency of SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, and TWS and a subsidiary under HYBE, published an Instagram story announcing their retirement. 

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In particular, the director stated that they have resigned from Pledis after 2 years of working and are currently in the US, adding, “I’m physically and mentally tired, so I’ll take a break and start working as a freelancer”. 


According to the same director, they are only in charge of the planning and visuals creation, and are not involved with group contents and units. However, they keep receiving threats and malicious messages in the form of comments and Instagram DMs from toxic fans. 

The situation of the visual director has shocked netizens, who criticize fans of Pledis’ artists and show worries for the director. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Wow the fans are toxic to the point the visual director has to resign? What the hell is going on…
  • Why are they doing that? I cannot understand the mentality of the fans…
  • Huh which fandom is doing this? 
  • Why would they talk about units and content to a visual director?
  • I heard it’s the fandom of TWS…
  • At this rate I guess most staff members in the entertainment industry really suffer…

Source: Instiz, PC